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Image for the poem You Do IT For Me Pt. II

You Do IT For Me Pt. II

…....“You like that baby?” You whispered between thrusts of your marvelous mouth. “Do you want more?”
“Yes baby, please Yes!” I muttered (almost speaking in tongues)

Naked and so unafraid
my body burned in the heat of a sweltering
North Carolina summer.  The stage is set for a torrid session of
pleasure and swift aggression. My pussy is so damned wet, just
itching for a release inside “the fire we make”
I lay his body down upon the bed; the covers reminiscent of an old
riding blanket.  My mind races around the thoughts of this hard ride I'm going take upon the lap of this handsome beast.  The butterflies fill my stomach, all fluttery inside.....”I'm nervous and I'm trembling” God knows I can't fathom why but I know that in my now, this long, hard, menacing black dick is......mine.
Slowly spreading his legs open, I slide in between.  Wetness filling the wells of my mouth, I know I look like his ho, a cocoa brown sex fiend.
A lusty lady in heat” but I just don't care about my bourgeious ways.  I want all 12 inches of this man meat all over me...... I squat down on my knees, bending forward taking his cock deep inside of me, my throat is filled.  Oh how my pussy throbs and tingles in anticipation of this steely dagger piercing the inside of me-----gagging so deliciously as his thrust prime up thick, creamy spittle from deep inside my throat coating his cock like a healing salve.  Turning him on, arousing me even more.  Through moans of pleasure, he wraps his strong hands in my long black hair as if it were a winding chain and pulls my head into his lap till his balls are against my lips.....I'm loosing my grip, flying head long into the netherworld,  feeling the pulse of every thick vein inside my mouth.  God the heat and power of his locomotive thrusting.  “Suck it babygirl, all the way down” My stomach feels orgasmic.  This dick,  is so damned good---I can't utter a sound, on the verge of cummin' and passing out at the same time
....and then he releases me to a loud gasp. Ummm, all I can think of is how badly I want this mandingo of a man all up in my damn ass, my God!!
My body is held under his trance like spell.  It's like I am here but not there....simply feeling the power in his hands, "he rubs me the right way......"
......sliding down my body, hot kisses along my neck, biting my nipples, my breast, licking the ripples along my torso, lawd have mercy.  I can't stop trembling
and then his skilled warm lips and tongue find their way to my dripping wet pussy.  It has taken on a life of it's own as his tongue parts my slit, firmly licking and massaging it up and down.  Damn, how he is making my hips move and dance at his command.  I like the way......
....he sucks and kisses my lips and sucks my clit to excitement.  In and out of his mouth, flutter tonguing it's tip as if he were Mozart or Ronnie Laws or somebody (help me)  playing the magic flute.  I am so wide open, my thighs wide open, my hole wide open......throbbing as he so skillfully "plays with it".  Oh my God.  I feel so nasty, I'm his ho in heat and it feels so good. ("feels so real and my mind won't let go.....)
He sits back on his haunches with such a wry smile.....a craftsman looking down at his his work with pride.  Through my mental haze, I capture the vision.  He has the biggest, thickest, longest cock I have ever seen.  I love his long, dangling balls.....reaching out to touch them with my fingers, I can feel his blood-boiling heat.  His urgency shows as his shaft bobs up and down, veins puffed out as if he were "working it out"  I have a prideful moment myself as realize he's as turned on to me as I him.  Lord, I want him so damned bad right now.....all up inside these guts.  Baby cum on and "beat my meat"  Through my mindlessness and lusty thoughts. I feel him whip my pussy........he slaps that heavy shaft right down the middle of my wet slit, that big nasty mushroom head hits me right on the white hard tip of my clit. (I love it when that little girl rears her head up in the boat) Nipples, clit, abs rippling hard and my ass and pussy contracting, waiting for something to happen.  I need a release right now!!  He persist in rubbing his hard head, dripping with sweet precum nectar all over my clit.......
.......mixing his Mars with my Venus.  I have to close my eyes so tightly because I'm almost there, I'm almost there.  Right then, I begin to feel my soul opening up as my pussy hole begins to open up..........he begins a slow languished decent into my wet abyss.  His big head has just entered my inside.  I'm just moaning, "More baby, give me more....I can't take it"  And in that moment, I hear his low sexy voice simply proclaim to me, "Baby I'm ready to give you all of my love........"

No one has ever tantalized my pussy like this.  My mind begins to drift into bliss.
His love "is"king. 💋
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
Published | Edited 4th Jul 2019
Author's Note
.....well this started out to be just a bit more poetic but it's taken on a life of it's own. Kind of collaborating on a theme with the lovely, talented, erotic, neurotic INSLY85042. Hoping it ties...
.....well this started out to be just a bit more poetic but it's taken on a life of it's own. Kind of collaborating on a theme with the lovely, talented, erotic, neurotic INSLY85042. Hoping it ties in to her part one and inspires her to complete Pt. 3 #wheredowegofromhere
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