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Live Your Days Inspired Anew*

*( an acronym for LYDIA )

I heard to live your days inspired anew;
A woman who had been attacked said so.
A man broke in her home & beat her blue,
Set her aflame, she leaped & jumped below.

Two stories, bare & smoking, hit the stone,
Was lifted to a hospital or die.
Induced coma, five months, but ne’er alone;
The love of fam’ly, friends & staff stood by.

At last when she awoke she could not talk,
Or move or think with battered injured brain.
To learn once more to speak & then to walk;
The journey to be Lydia again.

If you go Live Your Days Inspired Anew,
And practice at this each and every day,
What happened to this woman will touch you
In daily aspirations, every way.

I recently first heard about this Colorado woman on a rerun of a DATELINE episode of which I’m not able to share here because I can’t find it on YouTube. However, I did find the following on the site that at least lets you hear Lydia herself - a determined young woman who continues to grow as an inspiring human being as she continues to heal from that harrowing day when someone was also determined - to kill her.

Someone she has forgiven. And why? She chooses to live surrounded by “LOVE”, not “FEAR”. That alone had me drop everything, to try and write this poem - as primitive a try as it is - so I could help spread Lydia’s story, because, many of us live in fear for far lesser reasons than what she experienced. She has a magnificent real life support system that I don’t have, but still...

her story has given me hope. To those reading this, please view the link, and hope will come to you:

Lydia Tillman Tells Her Story

In her statement as to what saved her life, besides “love”, was having “ovaries of steel”. To the men reading this, that equates for a woman as “balls of steel”.

And this one:
Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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