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Not likely partridge or finch  
perhaps roller pigeon  
definitely a Starling in stakeout  
perched on laurel branch  
in a public park peering  
through a pair of binoculars  
at man camped on bench  
twilght hour grown dim -  
at what she's done to him!  
It's almost criminal  
Going out on limb  
myself, I'd say,  
It's subliminal  
Spray on the Luminol -  
more than meets the eye  
going on in this poem  
regarding consonance  
and as for the assonance -  
that's no coincidence either  
Silent as a lamb  
on the lam far from home  
I am the sun  
You, the moon  
crepuscular, creeping up  
from behind throughout June  
See how they run in the dark?  
How they dance in the sky?  
Keeping distance above  
far from one another;  
in love, a seemingly  
forbidden romance  
Now, fly, fly, fly  
away, little Starling  
I promise we'll meet again  
and not by chance;  
then and only then  
I shall kiss you on the lips  
during a dark dove day;  
our very own private eclipse  
We'll dine on vintage saps  
during late nightcaps suckled  
from that laurel tree's cleavage  
you and I both know is just a  
Underneath its leavage  
we'll meet again  
same as before  
deja vu rendezvous  
Written by PsycoticMastermind
Published | Edited 12th Dec 2019
Author's Note
for Agent Starling ❤

for the "When Dark Doves Fly" comp @
for Agent Starling ❤

for the "When Dark Doves Fly" comp @

inspired by Lorca's poem "Of The Dark Doves"
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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