The Wind Blew Death up Her Skirt

The shadows down a dimmly
lit street follow her, the wind was crazy.
She speeds up to keep a good pace
and stumbles over uneven pavement
catching herself she twists her ankle
and plops down on the curb, she takes
her heels off and rubs the sore part.
She watches cars go by and thinks about
getting one, that thought quickly passes
as two men approach her.
"Where you going lady?" was all she
heard before she felt cold and tingling
on her head she reached for the back of
her hair as she fell forward into
street, her brain felt like a skipping CD
the blood pooled around her face
she was still breathing. The two men
fumbled through her purse finding only
breath mints and lipstick they scoffed
at her meager belongings and began to
fight with one another. She could hear
them but the voices were fading and
her peripheral vision was gone, the dark
was circling her. The two men threw her
purse onto her body and started
checking the pockets of her coat
again they found nothing, which pissed
them off even more. She heard one of
them say "she's still alive" and the
other one say "not for long" and that's
when she saw stars, one man kicked her
relentlessly in the head "c'mon man
lets get out of here" both of them walked
away leaving her to die with the shadows
on the dimmly lit street. She closed her
eyes and let death take away the pain.

Written by nikkimoe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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