The Reply Button

As I get older I feel Iíve become a little more senile, † †  
While I try to be respectful of other peopleís views, † †  
I canít commiserate with cantankerous cunts † † †
Continually calling themselves Christians † † †
Asking me to put myself in othersí shoes. † †  
† † †
I was raised conservative but now Iím progressive,† †  
I can also be an asshole so I can spot bullshit a mile away, † †  
I was taught not to be rude but I keep wanting to, † †  
Lord knows I try so I say to myself, Iíll reply another day. † †  
† † †
Then I see the crap from idiots posting on my page, † †  
And the rage inside me builds with rhyme and verse, † †  
Like a perverse tirade to be delivered rhetorically, † †  
Metaphorically I sleep on it thinking I have to be diverse. † †  
† † †
But somewhere in the middle of the night I wake up, † †  
I canít remember if my mindís rant is on the web, † †  
A response to ignorance when fools think theyíre cool, † †  
With their ďLet.That.Sink.InĒ quote without flow or ebb. † †  
† † †
You want me to walk in your thousand dollar shoes, † †  
Try walking barefoot and for miles, privileged shit, † †  
But Lord knows I try to be civil and understanding, † †  
So I prep poems to fire, lit with ire and ready to spit. † †  
† † †
Did I dream again, did I just respond to this ďfriendĒ? † †  
Did my outburst really make its way onto my page, † †  
I post poetry promoting peace but to this piece Ďo shite † †  
He likes to light the fuse so please, pardon my rage. † †  
† † †
Should I post this ode so the bloke can choke on a chode? † †  
Because right now Iím sleep deprived and I really canít tell, † †  
Is my imagination getting the best of me? I have to reload, †
Or did I just hit the reply button and said go to hell?
Written by wallyroo92
Published | Edited 28th Jan 2024
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