Think of You

Iím alive, what a weird thing that is
Wonder why I have to experience things tragic
Donít remember ever asking ďcan you see if I can manage?Ē
Or being asked to struggle through the pain and the damage

Guess Iím here regardless so I guess Iíll do my best
Guess the only way to live is see this as a test
Guess I could compare my thoughts to othersí of success
Guess I best prepare myself for when Iím gonna rest

anxiety and stress, theyíre never far away
The biggest hurdles that I have to make it past each day
I want to live in peace and not be easily afraid
But even when I do nothing, its seems theyíre here to stay

So fuck it, get up and set up a project
Make my own reality and hopefully some profit
Ease the suffering for me and those around me
Combine whatís in my heart with some nuggets of logic

I donít think there will ever be a proper way to end it
Pain comes day by day but I can aim to mend it
Make myself okay, maybe help the people too
So when I say I love you, you better know I meant it

I donít want to hurt any more than him or her
But suffering occurs, and we lay down in the dirt
I mean we cry right after birth, before we ever hear a word
Of beauty from the earth, whatís the lesson we can learn

That words can make us heal, words can make us grow
Use the right ones truthfully and soon youíll see some hope
Compliment and cherish both your sisters and your bros
All masculine and feminine, and those considered both

I know, preachy teachings, take me as a joke
Why would people care about the whispers of the bloke
That lied his way through life and hunted out the high of smoke
All I know is that we hurt, and I hope to help us cope

Look around, see the people passing you right now
Everyone of them has had to push their feelings down
Plastered on a smile when they really want to frown
Everyone like you, in every single town

The least we can do is relate
Our stories quite similar, and rarely ever great
You spend your life running from the misery and hate
So can we all agree to try to keep it off our plates

If someone does you wrong no need to get up in their face
Life will get them back, another day if not today
Hurting other people, for the sake of saving face?
Life will get you back for that, make no mistake

Itís easy to seethe, wanna kick them in the teeth
But when I feel the steam what keeps me, planted on my feet
Is the thought of what could be, if that person there was me
And I knew that deep down, what I did I didnít mean

Not passive, but active, in avoiding causing pain
Will fight to save a life, but wonít put none in the grave
My kindness isnít weakness, despite looking the same
Just know what you put out, will come back round again

Stabbed in the hand for a half bag of bud
Didnít get them back because Iíd likely get locked up
Doesnít matter to me in slightest in the long run
I come away alive and know that life will see the wrong done

Love is above all else the most important
Without it, everyday that weíre alive, we live in torment
Wonder why so many people pack it in and forfeit?
They fail to feel the love, and believe they canít afford it

I am you, you are me, we are everything between
We are love, we are dreams, we all play for the same team
Come together and weíll see, just how magic we can be
Live in love and peace, from now until eternity

Thinking of you
Written by Benzy_420 (BenzyTheWriter)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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