Life Is Hard

ďLife is Hard.Ē

This quote resonates within me more today, at 48 years old, then it ever has before in my entire life.
Yes, as some of you know, I fought the disease of addiction and got my life on track at an earlier age than most, but it wasnít as hard as life is today.
Yes, as some of you know, Iíve dealt with adversity in relationships and workplaces, but it wasnít as hard as life is today.
Today, at 48, my body is wrought with pain.
My legs, my knees, my feet, my hands and shoulders and even my mind are inflicted with tremendous amounts of pain and I deal with immense amounts of pressure from the outside as well as from within my own soul.
There has been a ridiculous amount of setbacks in my life both personally and professionally that could easily have sent me down the road of pessimism and depression and blame.
But, even through it all, the good and the bad, even when I didnít want to, eventually I chose to get back up.
Even today, when just getting out of bed feels physically, mentally and emotionally impossible, I dig down into that place that we donít like to talk about at parties and I find the strength to fight through the adversity.
I find a way to get up, even when I want to stay down.
I find a way to push forward, even if it is only inches at a time because I choose and refuse to remain stagnant.
It is ingrained in me and engraved permanently upon my heart to never ever quit.
So, for me, I will never give up on chasing my dreams.
I will never give up sacrificing of myself and providing whatever is needed to support all of those that I love.
I was told recently that I have very broad shoulders.
Not necessarily physically but that I carry a massive amount of weighted responsibility upon my back and I carry it, without ever complaining about how heavy it may be.
I have been told that my drive and my outlook on life inspires others and if that is so, I humbly thank whomever that may be.
But, my greatest inspiration has been found only when I look deeply within myself.
Find the inspiration you need within you.
Because we all carry the burden of our responsibility upon our shoulders.
Not only for ourselves, but also for those we love.
It is no one elseís responsibility to do what you are supposed to do.
It is yours.
It is no one elseís fault that you are not where you want to be.
It is yours.
It is no one elseís job to choose what you are and are not supposed to do in any given situation.
It is yours.
Yes, life is hard, of that there is no doubt.
But, how hard life is, is directly related to your perspective on the cards you have been dealt and how you and you alone choose to play those cards.
Stop making excuses.
Itís going to hurt.
Get over it.
Get up and move forward.
Even if it is on your hands and knees and only an inch at a time.
I promise you, eventually, you will be able to look back over your shoulder at this hard life and say itís better today because I chose to move forward, then if you choose to stay in whatever hell you may or may not be in.
Written by Ragnar
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