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Laundry Day

In the Utility room doing laundry, the smell of freshly washed clothes fill my nostrils oceans springs I think its, her finger's graze up my shirt, round my hips, reaching up to my chest. she digs her nails in, then sensually grinds them down my stomach. "woah"... a wave of pure hell bent burning of desire, lust, passion flows over my entire body engulfing my mind, my mood, my very thought pattern.

I fold the last t-shirt, my eyes close as I endure, enjoy, dive cock first into a passionate fantasy that has taking over my thought buffer zone.

I turn round my arms embrace her body cuddling into her as her nails attack my back, my lips kiss her neck, slightly biting her, just being a tease really.

our eyes meet in the centre as we where dressing each other down, I switch places with her, her hand pressed firm atop of the washing machine, her back curved slightly sticking her bum out, I blew my breath of air down the back of her neck while I whispered dirty deeds into her eyes kissing her lobes ever so softly
I turned the knob around to spin, activating it, our machine started to vibrate which rippled perfectly through her body her bum cheeks jiggled lightly, I spanked her bum.

she unbuttoned her jeans slipping them off and lift her self onto the washing machine, her legs spread wide, one foot on the hoover the other on the radiator, my eyes lit up with joy but also a little shock, as it ws so out of character, her left arm extended to me with her index finger indicating to join her

I stepped between her thighs, her hands dropped undoing my zip, I then removed my cargo trousers, she placed her hands behind her to balance herself, her eyes where filled with lust as her teeth bit into her bottom lip, I got on my knee's.

my lips caressed her thigh barrenly, each pucker of my lips on her silk skin was applied with such gracious effect no kiss to small no bite to big but I teased and toyed with her until her moist lips began to lubricate

my tongue licked her bud softly teasing her until it began to swell, continually sucking on the little pearl, her heads held my head down there although I could use some air some breathing space I devoured her soaked lips like it was my last meal, I licked that plate clean so to speak.....her pants grown louder as my tongue penetrated her tight carnal canal as she felt each and every stroke of my tongue she cried out in pleasure as a breathing became heavy, her flood gates had released flooding my mouth with her flourishing flood

I got up off of my knee's, pulled right to the edge and turning the dial round to spin again as the vibrate stimulated her dripping lips, I shook my cocks tip between her plump lips, slowly I inserted my full cock, my hips rocking back and fourth in a steady pace motion, my cock thrusting deep down in and almost out of ever so tight pussy, her panting echoed through out our utility room as her passion engulfed her mind, she now was feeling pure sexually fuelled passion thrusting between her hips, I slowed right down taking her pussy slowly as I began to feel the build up within, slowly pounding her tender lips, I stopped just before I am about to cum

as I stepped back she slipped off and got down on her knees she looked straight up at me as she took her first mouth full of my throbbing pulsating cock her hand edging every last drop of cum out of my cock as her longue teased the tip, I put my hand on the door frame to balance myself as my cock exploded, she stood whispered in my ear "till next time" slapped my arse and walked away, leaving me completely satisfied.
Written by Danny11714 (Danny117)
Author's Note
i wrote this a few days ago.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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