Image for the poem Everthing’s An Illusion: Eyes’ Inflorescence Effloresces Nothingness

Everthing’s An Illusion: Eyes’ Inflorescence Effloresces Nothingness

sun fire burstblooms eyeflower  

hatching out  
to the brightly striking fantaish blooms  
in an aggravatingly painted spread…firing  
sensual hues of an Indian summer’s petalling  
pomegranate dipped in potassium dichromate  
offers a sensorially mammoth piquant buffet  
of saffronizing pastilles glowering red hot from  
their day’s moulting out of its moulded templates

impeccably dawns in sparkling ebullience, these unpruned June Suns
eyes awaken to your colloidal collyrium

your mintish coolant rapidities  
are the randomly scripting strips..streams  
& smothers in smoking silken black kohling  
viscosities … a sacred antimonial ithmid ritual  
over my liquescing lachrymal avalanching lisps  
of memories & prayers in a decrystallizing  
chaos…the bristly brittle stranded lashes  
out of their stagnant ghettoization  
rets as clumping acrobatical  
troupes of arching ballerinas  
compassing in fuller circles  
such briskly awakening is your unguenting salvations in penetrance
maayai~ the illusory nothingness

yet the sandblasting aloud abrasive shreds  
their diminutively fallen amorphous brokenness  
from innate stacked melancholic greys  
borne as crusty budded leachates as stiffened  
cementitious efflorescence…. spreads now  
all across the brand newly laid down
criss-crossing roads of tarred glossiness  
these seemingly planned polished geometrical  
urbanity in concealed rusts & twisted quagmires  
are cover-ups with the so-straight forwardly running  
perpendiculars blandly intersecting with deliberate
cosmetic horizontals in no dialoguing actualities
provides a lopsidedly solidifying object of the sported 'fairplay' fields
[their tracheating breaths propel towards a centric karmic ground
emoting with pull & push of intuitive inklings to dosing in wisdom]
yet the mini-skirted impoverished black lashes-their each desiccating threads  
only abruptly split off in bits & pieces by self-backlashing delusionary illusions

Written by summultima (uma)
Published | Edited 24th Jun 2019
Author's Note
pic: loui jover art/ webstock
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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