Truly in love with you

If you feel any kind of feelings for me give us another try
We both had such a strong connection you know thatís no lie
You even said we are soulmates and I still believe it to be true it was not said for fun
You said once If you love something set it free if it comes back itís meant to be

Iíve come back into your life I wish I had done this sooner man I have missed being with you
I know itís crazy that I still have these feelings for you and I know you never set out to hurt me
I know it hurt you as much as it did me and I know you did not like to look at me when you knew you were as making me sad
Yes my heart was past broken I was in a deep dark hole and only since talking with you can I see a way out

The day we got married I felt the happiest Iíve even been
I remember you picking your dress and how excited you was
The kids running around having fun you must admit we did have a ball
I know what I feel and itís not just a glitch in my emotions
Yes we got married and I donít believe we rushed anything I donít regret marrying you I donít think you regret it either
I want to see you smile again like you used to I know you have not been truly happy since we broke up

Iíve always wondered what you think about and do you ever think about me?
You must become you said I was just thinking about that shadow poem
I donít mean to make you over think or complain
I just want to be with you again more than anyone knows
You are my guiding light and I want to be yours again if it is space you needed letís make that happen we can work through anything I miss getting you coffees just anything really

You should of seen your smile it was not fake on that day we married
I know you said things to hurt me so I would let you be
I get that I do understand I have all about forget all about it the hurt part
You know you care for me you might not be in love I know it will come

You done something to me and Iím not complaining the feeling is amazing
You know I worship the ground that you walk on
I could rub your feet all day and give you back rubs till my fingers fall off
I miss everything about you even the nipple that hides

Your lips are to die for omg your kisses your natural sent drove me nuts
I have missed your clit and how you tasted it was pure heaven on a stick
I miss your cheekiness and your smile I miss your voice more than you know
I want to hold you so bad

Yes Iím that guy who traveled halfway around the world just for you
Iíd do it again in a heart beat just to have another try with you
I know we are meant to be thatís why I think Iíve never stoped loving you
There is no other way to say it other than we both screamed at the same moon

Iím putting my whole heart here so you can see Iím the same man you fell for
I know you had to put me behind you so you could move forward
And I donít blame you I just did not know how to move on
Iím so happy that we are talking again you have no idea what you do to me

Do you see what you do to me I know itís a scary time all this time has passed
You did not just save me from the wicked witch you actually saved my soul
I remember you saying to me that love will always find its way
I still remember looking into your eyes and getting so lost in them

I know people are going to ask we will tell them itís none of your business
Your love burnt a scar in my soul and only when Iím with you does that scar go away
I believe Iím only still alive because Iíve wanted and wished for this moment
A moment in time where me and you reconnect growing stronger by the day

I felt it when he went missing for that few weeks life was not meant to be easy
I could face anything when I was beside you nothing was hard
If you consider at least giving us a 2nd chance I know you will fall for me
Like the last time we actually spoke I heard the excitement in your voice

Iím so happy that you kept our wedding photos do you remember that day?
Fuck you so beautiful and all mine remember the next morning?
You looked at me looked at your ring and said good morning me and miss Sharman
You smiled and I went and cleaned the hall then got you a Timmyís

Everything is in the past now letís start off fresh
Gíday yes I am from the land DownUnder nice to meet you my name is Raymond
I see your from Canada what is it like? Their I hear itís really cold in winter

The only part of the past we can talk about is our wedding the food fight happy times
I miss our love life you brought me right out of my shell
Yes I was not used to roll playing but Iím still willing to try
Your like a hundred year old bottle of whiskey your kisses just dynamite

I think about you when Iím with some else I canít get you out of my head
When Iím sleeping with someone you enter my mind and I smile
You are everything and more to me I donít want skinny I want you
I know you probably have figured out how much I love and adore you

I donít believe that we canít do it I know we can we are soulmates
Remember how much we went through to get to each other I would happily go through it again
We belong like earth needs air for us to breath

I know itís been a long time but none of that matters if I donít have you
Yes my life has been a mess and none of that matters now
I canít say much more about what you mean to me
All thatís left to say is letís do this life is short to not to truly love again.

Written by EpicUtester69 (Just a simple poet)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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