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Okay What Is A Snugglebuck

St. Paul, Minneapolis  

I was dancing on the disco floor  
Mm... my peripheral vision glimpsed this handsome gentleman checking me out, I do adore
Rubbing on my tits in lust, anticipation, hoping he can give my body even more  
A stud I would love to get down on my knees for  
His stature sliding up beside me  
His breath was less than perfect, but hey he was still a manly tease  
My name is Snugglebuck  
Snuggle what, hum, there goes his butter rum flowing luck  
You want to go back to my hotel suite, ahhh... my room  
How much you got my love, for such a request full of promises once you get my soft petals to bloom  
He dug in his pocket and pulled out twenty dollars  
Not even close enough to expose my thong or wear my harness collar  
“Oh, here we go,” a Crisp Benjamin  
No can I get up in it  
I thought about it, and he was so darn cute  
I would like to see his head twisting why he’s lapping at my forbidden juicy fruit  
Back at his place, his hotel room, not even a five-star suite  
Had to rethink about getting undercover for our bodies to feast  
Very messy for an intimate setting  to get me into the mood  
Or to delve into my desires while tasting the passion of my lickable carnal food  
Out his clothes in a matter of minutes  
His dick was flaccid, oh my mouth, I’m sure will win it  
He turned around and popped a pill  
Oh la la, an all night hard on thrill  
Mm.. riding the girth of my dreams, a sweet cheap of a deal  
Blindfold, submissive, my body as he pleases, at will  
Two hours later, we were going at it and all  
Lifted my blindfold, checking at the stall  
I looked over at the nightstand, a bottle of...Geritol  
His dentures were staring at me from out a glass  
Still down there gumming my clit, fingering my ass  
His hat worn over his toupee decorated my inner thigh with a rash  
Wait…ahh… I have to go  
I paid you to taste that infamous butter rum flow  
You know… to see if I can still make you climax real slow  
Climax real slow, my temper I could not keep in tow  
You have been inside me for hours on end  
I feel nothing from your pleasure, but air and wind  
Your tongue in my slit absence to make my juices blend  
Say, maybe you should call your handsome friend  
And I thought you were this strong loving Heman  
I will refund you  
Since you could not give me or yourself, the satisfaction we crave of a kinky just due  
I’m what every woman fantasize about  
Geritol really… and no Viagra, I wanted to shout  
And you boasted in my ear you were a master when licking down south  
The confession were just silly lies floating from your mouth  
I hurried out his suite  
Still wrapped in his bed covering sheet  
Chagrined for wasting my time for a naked limp greet  
Snugglebuck, no, a Snugglebunny  
Handsome, but didn’t have any money  
No fetish to explore with honey  
Could not even please me in his bed, now that is a rare, but funny  
Oh baby…I still love you, but hey I’m your sweetest troll  
No gratification for my sweet kitty cat and my tongue will roll  
Shh... just keep your pants up and no one will ever see this to know
Author's Note
Okay what is a Snugglebuck
Is it a man who eats pussy and snuggle , or a man who simply likes to fuck

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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