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Prelude to Ecstasy

He picked her up as agreed.  She was nervous as hell, he smelled so good, she could just imagine his scent from miles away before, but this time his scent was penetrating every pore on her skin, and it was delicious.....
Small talk, the city, the lights, she was trying to go with the flow, she was pretending to be all cool and careless about having him a few inches from her....but he could see right through her, he knew she wanted him so bad she was melting inside....and her lips, her cunt, her everything was calling out his name....
They arrived at a bar, a nice place, couple of drinks... first time in years for her..... More talk, "we could be doing something more ecstasiastic with our lips, come on, I want to have your tongue meet mine" she was thinking while waiting for him to make the first move....
The wind was singing, playing with her hair....she was Medussa waiting for him to look her in the eyes, not to turn him into stone but to fired him up and make him desired her juices...she could not take it any longer and her beast came out from hiding... she grabbed him by his jacket and pulled him close and their lips finally met and their tongues started dancing together....the taste of his saliva combined with salt, lime and tequila was pure ecstasy in her mouth sending echoes to every corner of her body, and then when he touched her it was like her cunt woke up and she could feel her clit vibrate, just like she imagined....his mouth was a fountain of pure joy, pure sex, pure ecstasy....she was hungry for him and he was pleasing her with just a kiss, in an orgasmic way....and they kissed more, making her release a little of her sweet juices....
Some more small talk, some sexual talk, but what she wanted in reality was to feel his delicious naked body on top of hers, she wanted to feel his manhood teasing her clit until she could not take it anymore and she would beg for him to join her....inside of her.....finally he asked "should we go now?", she didn't know what to answer, a simple yes was not good she licked his left ear instead and the taste of his skin was as delicious as the taste of his she wanted to taste all of him.....
They got there fast and she was thankful for it, she was having a hard time controlling herself...and he was teasing her by making her wait.
They were inside the room and nothing could stop her now, her purse went some place, her coat went to the floor and she pinned him against the wall just the way she wanted to do for a long time....she kissed him more and more while still against the wall, but she was not in control, he was because he was letting her do that....she wanted to feel his skin so she took off his shirt and with her hands on his naked back she was almost climaxing, he started taking her clothes off as well....he pushed her to the bed with his manly strength  and she loved it, she had never been treated like that, he took off her pantyhose and she found that extremely sensual, that was something new for her as well, he started pulling down her black sheer bodysuit and she could not hold it any longer...."the lights please" she begged, he pulled her up from the bed and moved towards the lamp to turn it off but without letting her go, he had her right close to him every second....lights off....he was doing whatever he wanted with her....kissing her, touching her, licking her, bitting her, finger fucking her, eating her....touching and exploring every where and she was loving it... Her body was on fire and her pussy wanted more, her pussy wanted all.... 
She felt his firm, thick, long, juicy manhood and her cunt whispered to her "open up for him" and she did.... 
and he penetrated ME taking me to a total and immediate delicious, juicy, succulent, violent orgasm....again and again.....
Written by MMPG (Paloma Solamente)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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