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UNHoly (pt II and III of IV)


Still, to this day, there's no substantial role women play in the church's hierarchy.    
The Bible is a white male-creation, white male-centered, white male-guided, white male written and taught text, handed down for centuries, which is long on fantasy--short on history.    
Will explore that and the moral paralysis the Christian Conscience places on sex and sexuality in Parts II & III of IV of UNHoly.    

 Part II "UNForgiving"

Free Fall

In philosophy there is a term “all possible worlds”-that means essentially, to take what we know and challenge it with questions;  to say maybe it could have been this, or that--maybe it’s this other thing, or because of “thing-1” this is why this is  a particular way.
It’s abstract reasoning.
A free fall of ideas, arguments, questions etc. on Christianity includes any that you have, have had and/or never asked or received a logical response to.
Just let it flow rather emotionless with no judgement or penalty.
Christians arguably don’t like questions.  When Christians have reached a limit, it’s sealed with, “just have faith” or a quoted Bible verse, that they- themselves more likely than not, have no idea what context said Bible verse is being used and/or which situations it can be applied to.
Christians will literally find a Bible verse and take it out of context- knowingly or unknowingly and use it to justify their behavior.
Proverbs 13:24 the
“Spare the rod-spoil the child” clause
‘Whoever spares the rod hates his son,
but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.’
This is used relentlessly to justify corporal punishment-or child abuse. This doesn’t have to be literal-it is a moralistic guide to parenting, much like fables have a “moral of the story”.
All an abuser need say is: this is a part of my religious beliefs/practice-and it becomes the justification for the behavior.  
Challenges to the Bible are usually met with extreme cult-like hostility-and the Christian “believe or else” philosophy.
I’ve been introduced to that philosophy-and reject it.
Was Jesus gay? Who was around during the age of Cain and Abel to record their conversations and movements? If Jesus was Jewish, what is Christianity even about? Why aren’t Christians just Jewish since that’s what Jesus was, and it was obviously good enough for him.  Since the “Virgin” Mary was an orphan raised in a 100% male monastery, isn’t it possible and more likely she became pregnant as a result of a rape or even a gang rape?  In that period, Holy men were thought to be above reproach and a liaison to God…it would have been unthinkable; so, it must then, be a miracle to be explained.  These are all possible posits-in all possible worlds.
When attempting to argue such assertions, I was met by the “Christian catch-phrase coalition”:  “Blasphemy!”,
‘you’re going to burn in hell' and ‘you need Jesus’--just to name a few.  When I asked a priest if Jesus could be a homosexual because in my experiences, usually ones who are so against it-are it—out came Blasphemy! So, does that mean you’re done talking now-was my reply. Christians want people to believe in Christianity because they say so, willfully negating human innate curiosity-because of course, Christians have it all figured out-their way or hell’s highway-that sounds like a cult.
It is one and
the rules are laid out:
Men, you can do whatever you want, women and children are beneath you-live large and multiply. Christianity is a white man-made, white male-centered religion and could’ve been dreamed up by someone high on mushrooms, a drunk, or mentally challenged person with a vivid imagination-but, it was written by white men for other white men-so they could exercise dominion over all-with references.
Hot button tenets like abortion, homosexuality and divorce are not to be changed, rearranged, or questioned because the answers are ALWAYS the same;
No, No, No.
No, you cannot choose what to do with your own body and life’s direction; No such thing as a gay Christian, no homosexuals-no exceptions!
just as there is no such thing as a pure Aryan race: there’s no LGBTQ Christians- those 2 things do not exist and cannot exist.
Unless there's some type of addendum to the Bible that I missed or a supplement or something that we didn't get EVER-that book has not changed not one iota other than the changes made by travel through the hands of many men-including kings. Just because a society evolves people want to think that means so has this book--this book has not evolved, because it's not a book of evolution.  No divorce because as sayeth the man ‘woman you are subordinate to me, must obey me, and stay with me producing how ever many children I want-no matter what because the good book says it, yada yada bing bang’-and that authority men granted to themselves, every curtsy or bent knee is to a male-even the onset of all-God.
God is automatically assumed and referred to as male-never anything else.  Why couldn’t God be female? Or, a perfect combination of both sexes? Well, Christians will refer you to the Bible, which defeats the purpose. Men wrote God, the male, created man in his own image-clergymen claim that assertion means mankind as a whole—it does not. It means man, because woman had to be extracted from the man’s rib-like with Adam, God couldn’t shove 2 puffs into the dirt and create both?
 Now, when we talk physiology, that theory is not even on the radar as possible or ever occurring again-we know that women have babies.  Men are born from women, not the other way around.  The outlay of future female disgrace-is visible in the Garden of Eden.   Here, is where the perfect man is corrupted by the sinful woman who didn’t obey the other guy.
So, she is to blame for man straying from God, only she.
That works out nicely for the fellas huh?  A built-in scapegoat for their behavior, no matter how vile.  Women are 2nd class subordinates to men sayeth the good book of bad advice.
A woman’s place is where a man tells her it is-and in Christianity, NO where within the church structure or hierarchy is any female ascendancy.
All areas of Christianity are dominated by men.  Nuns are equivalent to a spiritual teacher, social worker or both. Nuns do great work and are rarely, if ever acknowledged.  They work in service to the people of God-but are still subordinate to priests and the papacy- its just baked into the Christian cake.
Why, in all centuries has that male momentum never shifted or at least been torn at?  Because the Bible says it- hasn’t changed and is only reinforced by man’s laws.
The Bible is unforgiving about abortion, it’s murder; unforgiving about homosexuality--it's an abomination; unforgiving about divorce-which is unheard of; you are to stay no matter what-divorce isn’t recognized by the Catholic Church-neither are 2nd marriages unless it’s a man who is allowed many wives if he so chooses-only in death is the woman free. Once again, works out great for the fellas.
With that in mind, here’s a quick list of subjects; who overwhelmingly dominates or creates each?
Men or women?:
1.      Wars
2.      Gangs
3.      Serial killers
4.      Pedophiles
5.      Rapists
So, men should be dominant over all why again?
Oh yes, because the ‘for men-by men' menu says so.


Christianity, is a divergent fusion.
Christianity begins in the New Testament-old testament is part of Torah-Christianity says you keep waiting for your Messiah, we found him over here.  The Virgin mother or Madonna is a complete rip-off of the African queen ISIS and baby Horus, which in fact, is still prevalent in most European and South American churches.
A man made prolific cult-that dictates every aspect of life, including something it should never control-sex and sexuality.
Women, children and the LGBTQ community should be unforgiving of Christianity's male favored, male centered laws.  Ones like-
 a woman keeping a rapist's baby-even an incestuous baby-rapists in some heavy Bible belts-rapists can even sue for custody and visitation.  These states would rather teach a child about Jesus and spiritual concepts kids couldn’t possibly grasp—instead of teaching a child about pedophiles which is the more beneficial of the two lessons.  
Pedophiles get soft time-as if it’s a nothing thing-when they should be given automatic life sentences, because exactly when does the child recover what was stolen? When do they ever forget? Pedophiles receive privilege of separation to protect them in prison…. Protect them?  What about if they didn’t molest or rape children, they wouldn’t
need such an accommodation as the ideal?
Gay, Lesbian, Transexual, Bi-sexual—
 There are NO provisions for you; you are an abomination and easily dismissed.
When Christianity intersects with the law-women, children, and  LGBTQ individuals  are the losers-and should be unsupportive and unforgiving of the damage this causes.

No Dogmas allowed

This is where danger lurks-behind Christian dogma.  There are actually no provisions for LGBTQ people in any religious text, as there are none for victims of rape or incest, or any that deal in depth with sex and sexuality; however, American laws are Christian crafted with one brand to emerge victorious--men.
Terms like rape, incest, and pedophile are unfortunately used so tirelessly that many become numb to the true meaning and impact of such despicable behaviors.  
Where is a confused trans-sexual child to find comfort and guidance?
A raped 12 year old who is pregnant by the rapist-where can she turn for real answers and not dictated dogma? Not the Bible that’s for sure.
 SHAME is placed on victims while the dynamics of the law catch up at a slug’s pace.
Rape-is the forceful violation and penetration of a person’s genital or anal area without their consent.  Imagine someone taking a broom stick, and forcing it into either your vagina (for women) or anal area for either sex
 Rape means that the violator is a vile predator and a sorry excuse for a human being.  
So, why do states have laws that allow rapists to halt an abortion, sue for custody and visitation, and victims to be violated again-by such outrageous laws?  Who is saying that a rapists would make great parents?
  One would need to examine where such laws originate and are upheld for answers and other revelations.
Incest, is the sexual union of closely related family members-like a grandfather having sex with his daughter, son, granddaughter or grandson. That is fiercely despicable!  However, if a daughter or granddaughter becomes pregnant with her father’s baby, she shouldn’t have an abortion according to the Christian Conscience-no matter what she has gone through, she should be fine giving birth to a constant reminder of her violated self-no problem.
Are you kidding?
For those who identify as LGBTQ, you’re deviant, unnatural, and a sinful mistake-your biblical verse to assist in your journey is…
oh wait, nothing to see here!  
You’re bound by Christian dogma directly or indirectly.
I’ve known people who have denied their true selves, to please others, especially a mother or grandmother who follows Christianity.  
So many people resist living out their fantasies and proclivities in fear of judgment and ridicule.
Good old missionary sayeth the book, anything varying is Sodom and Gomorrah.
Again, are you kidding?
There is a generational stranglehold Christianity places on sex and sexuality which stifles growth and discovery--when sex and sexuality are the most natural of human essences.  
It is dangerous using 1 set if principles to judge a vast myriad of different people.

The relationship you have with your Creator, is a personal thing that is broadcast in your actions and disposition. It is your conscience, not the Christian conscience that should guide you.  
That’s where spirituality emerges-when you accept what works for you and your life according to your conscience which is God speaking to you-through you.
If you're not in tune with your own conscience what are you listening to?

Brief summation of the UNHoly trilogy in Part IV of IV.

Written by SPIRIT (SPIRIT X)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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