Life without parole

I felt a hand grab my head
Kicked in the ribs til my blood poured out
Listening to the nasty things you said
As you stomped along the side of my mouth

On my fifth birthday you broke my ribs
Screamed at me for yelling
So you busted my lips
The repeated bedtime story grandma was telling

I was hurt scared and relieved
When you passed while i was thirteen
Yet the world love me just the same hope i no longer believed.
Abuse mental and physical all i had seen

Now homeless just trying to survive
Got food in any way i could
Til seventeen its how i stayed alive
Yet not many thought me being alive was good

I sat on a bench when a group of seven came
Started attacking with out speaking a word
None of them even knew my name
Half breed bastard useless a kurd

So when the cops arrive they got me for disturbing the peace
Calling me these same foul names as they locked me away
It didnt get better not in the least
Assulted repeatedly day after day

One officer called me aside
Son you dont have to take that
Its no way to survive
He explained my options in talking to the judge as we sat

Into the service i was called in
Things are improved but still dont fit
Then i was trained to bare ranger wings
Sent world wide to train in all kinds of shit.

As the time passed i saw three of seven
I debated returning the favor once given to me
Yet i decided to let it bygones and walked again
Maybe one day who i am the world will see

I met the woman whom is now my wife
Little did i know how shed impact my life
They pulled me right into Afghanistan
Long hot days in burning sand

Gunshots are fired a few hit me
The moments intense i cant acknowledge the pain
I push out the window the seven now three
The bang goes of that feeling of pain all over me again

I grit my teeth try to stand
All three now offering a hand
As they drag my body across the sand
As they remove my helmet each remember whom i am

Two laugh say i be damned its you
One stayed behind and asked me why
After what they had done yet i did what i do
He hugged me an said they deserved to die

Skin graft and surgery dont seem to end
Just a little more in depth to what made me
I feel its changed from where i began
Little more out for the world to see

So when you feel lifes taking its toll
Look around you dont truly know
How badly tarnished is each soul
We are all serving life without parole
Written by LiamReeduus (LiamReedus)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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