At the Root of Me

I know I can be a little senseless, but there’s one thing that’s on my mind…

Darling, I crave you like my lungs need air, with a hunger too much to bear,
That quenching my thirst simply will lead to more and more constant longing,
That this yearning goes beyond both the physical and the spiritual and maybe
You’re right, I’m obsessed…

But my heart knows full well the distinction between love and fascination,
And what we found in our lives in the spec of all time is something special,
That the sole purpose in my life is to live a satisfying happiness with you,
But it also consumes me…

So I linger in the realms between dreams and fantasies beyond this world,
More abysmal than all the seas or past the stars in all the galaxies
Even more profound than what the human mind can conceive,
But I believe…

You’re at the root of me… in the hub…the core… in the crux of it all,
So deep and embedded in my heart and soul,
That words need not be exchanged when the is emotion felt and shared
But with a simple smile and glare…

And that a modest "ily" makes everything okay, even on the roughest day,
It reconnects us through the hustle and the bustle of our daily lives,
It reminds us of early love lost and found, no matter how much time passes by,
It takes us to that special place…

To where two star crossed lovers met and discovered that feeling at a young age,
And not understanding how or why or when the fates would decide their paths,
Until the time was right, it would be unique… exceptional…sensual…epic… epochal,
Maybe even immortal…

And if future generations or civilizations uncover and read our story,
This love will again transcend when they tell our tale, this allegory
They will wonder about the life we shared brought not by chance,
Or happenstance

But by destiny,
By what the universe placed in our hands,
And deeply embedded in my heart and soul,
At the root of me,
In the hub,
The Core
In the crux of it all.
Written by wallyroo92
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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