Image for the poem this NOW’s- a karmic battlefield, versed sacred with Bhagavat Gita~

this NOW’s- a karmic battlefield, versed sacred with Bhagavat Gita~

??from a hazy prelude to an essential uprising^^
fuming fulminations of tonight’s sketchy dream...
thickens as detailing documented plotted broth  
...soothsaying scriptures of a versified narrative  
with an addendum of ethical arthashastra
[opens up as textured overtures of…>>
dark conundrums  
in a wormy exploding filth of pretty bundled  
nightmares ...let loose & leaking all over the  
cracking pores  
as odoriferously emetic vomiting blueblacks  
that only triggers some more...& all the more  
gizzardous guts in an ease of pulled out  
run outs  
& as diabolically diarrheal phaseless plugged outs  
-each chunkless chunk in unproportionally massive  
refracted paths & diffracted wavering… well away from  
their particulated truths.. cast in reflective deflections  
[( illustratively illusive bodily contents )]
passengers of nowhere destiny in a windy vehicular carriage  
with fatally intimate placements of feigned diehard adorations  
struck open they say you can never hide who you are…
by none than their deviantly inherent suicidally lethal mutant  
our dispersing souls amiss in crossed dimensionless dimensions  
within that limited singular break of a fast ticking chaotic interval  
---whence bloated airs fill your sauntering devilish boundaries  
in the un-waking...unto deliberately forgotten ignorance-
of Love of Hope

---you are in the veils of masked anonymities roaming free  
in the nasty stripping dungeoned streets shone with red lights  
towards generously stingy leftovers of unspelt unethical fuckeries  
in gluttonous indulgence of your seeming unrecognizably dressed  
with a particular sartorial fragrance of deceit & targeted trapping  
well amidst the drumming aloud elegiac guillotines in cosmically  
cursing banalities your wizardry of plagiaristic thesaurus deserves

\\ a striking clinically cleansing climax of Kali’s Asuravadam//
temples’ saamakkodangi...the sacred midnight fore-tellers  
in the soothsaying predict your Asura’s doomsday in the calling  
Kali’s reigning hands…her heavy head despite the wearing crown  
is this Kaliyug’s Avatar in the Karmic Kurukshetra of your burial  
floating as a hope-laden refugee, a whirring achene of windward  
blows…all I stumble & land are the camouflaging terrains of wolves  
and wolverine, bled & shred from the bitten brokenness & emptied  
out plundering losses walking as skeletal remains of vacuumed flesh  
standing against sabotaging corporations’ sludgy politicking sewages  
in name of of visionary empathetic bosses & intimately sucking frenemies  
divinely astounding is the tenderly accompaniments of twin cherubic  
innocence of children in all their curiously jaunty brimming that exudes  
of lil seeded guardians of hope & unleashing truth in all any circumstance
with righteous stance..
of a Kali’s Avatar unstoppably & unmercifully busting the ten-headed Raavana
& his Asuras’ clones of shameless masked evils cracking out in self-implosion

Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
this NOW holds ALL..
here. there. anywhere
there is always an ongoing war of Truth Vs Lies
that which is the Absolute, the TRUTH wins eventual
this NOW holds ALL..
here. there. anywhere
there is always an ongoing war of Truth Vs Lies
that which is the Absolute, the TRUTH wins eventual

*there are some generous use of Indian words (either Tamil or Sanskrit) all across.
**the title & write references an unceasingly waged war against anonymous multiple profiles at du & all social media platforms which negatively affects the truth- of art, heart & soul . Not aimed at anyone specific.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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