I知 the strangest fucker on the DUP

I知 the strangest fucker on the DUP  
all you other writers aint got nothing on me  

I知 more forum troll than even our Ray  
and 10 times gayer than playboy Jack  
and although he値l have some shit to say  
got more royal blood than that peasant Viddax  

I知 packin' more cock than dirty Mr M  
with tighter knots than tight Miss Sub  
got so many scars on my 叢oor-me wrists  
I壇 even shut those emo posers up  

I roll with God more righteously  
than Goodest or that Sapphire nut  
but still can lay out erotic fluids  
to prove I am the best poet-slut  

yeah I知 a twelve inch cock in a two inch town  
can simile and rhyme and all that shit  
can write just about old anything down  
and have you pricks all but believe it  

I知 crazier than that Deathsbackdoor  
more chick-poet than the redTbird  
got better rhymes than the Ravenofsorrow  
and could smash fuck out of that Deathproof turd  

I知 better at leaving than Pierre the Mad  
could out-write the black chicks on blow-job heaven  
loose my shit louder than the ALL CAPS crowd  
got weirder thoughts than Mo57  

I知 hotter than the jestalessa  
got better abs than that Jum forum guy  
wear make-up thicker than so-sweet Violet  
and could easily make Mister AliP cry  

I致e posted more poems than Abracadabra  
loved Hemi more than GG did  
got better music taste than Cthonion does  
and read more porn than that mememe kid  

yeah I知 the strangest fucker on the DUP  
and last word here I値l tell you this  
all you other fuckers aint got nothing on me  
cos I知 the one true love of our webmiss  

Written by Muggle (The Word And Verse)
Published | Edited 11th Dec 2011
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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