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I canít yet decide whether Iím going to collar you, and cover you in multicoloured glitter whilst you lick & suck my toes; and work your way up my wide gridded fishnets until you reach my swollen clit and latch on to it as I pull your hair and press your mouth even harder against my freshly waxed cunt, until your mouth and my clit forms a seal, or whether or not Iím going to straddle your waist whilst youíre on all fours, and I leash you whilst I whip your arse, so I can ride you like a unicorn until you get carpet burn upon both your knees as I pinch your nipples, and tease you as I drag my stiletto shaped nails along your bare torso, stopping now & then to bite your shoulders when you get slack, or perhaps Iíll make you watch me fuck another man whoís well hung as youíre restrained by silken cords, and unable to relieve the throb in your aching balls.  
Hmm. Maybe, Iíll cuff you with those handcuffs you have concealed on your belt when you arrive home from work, and after youíve showered, make you watch me lick & suck your hard & soft notions until youíre edging on the cusp of your orgasm, only to whip your arse with my crop some more until you learn the art of self control, or perhaps Iíll make you my bitch as you lick and suck my strap on until youíre gagging as I ram it down your throat for breaking my tender little heart, once upon a time.  
Either way, your arse is mine if I penetrate it, and fuck it gently just like you want me to as I hit your soft prostate spot, whilst pulling your hair and talking filth to you as I reach around and jerk you off at the same time until you canít take it anymore; and beg me to let you cum in my pretty little mouth before you kiss me deeply, and carry me to the shower where I make you fuck me thoroughly as I slap your pretty little face until youíre red raw before we wash each other gently, and fall asleep sated; exhausted and sore baring the marks of our twisted love to hurt one another. †  
At least your balls will be empty as you hold me until dawn, in which itíll be my turn to suffer your wrath before you go to work; leaving me dazed and confused all day whilst daydreaming what dusk will bring for us.
Written by shadow_starzzz
Published | Edited 16th Jun 2019
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Quid me nutrit me destruit...
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