Deaths assistant

Not too long ago I became death's assistant
Following this life of sin with no resistance
Cause you see I was addicted to the worse drug
Not coke,crack,heroin or meth but money
I might have sip but cash was sweater than honey
It what makes the world spin I ain't no dummy
Money came first no matter the cost it came with
That being said I let the need for cash run my life
Not caring every thing I sold led people to strife
Helping push drugs then let it ravage the community
Seen tweaks tradeing their family's stuff
Or robbing the elderly for a single puff
Children watching their mother or father nod off
Etards feening for molly cashing their whole check
No matter their story their life i help wrecked
Oh was that your mom I just sold brown?
I didn't care aslong as my pockets were fat
I had all the drugs in great big stacks
Thinking it was cool thing to do for the gang
All while people continued to overdose
Try to tell my self it's the life they choose
While I try to walk mine full of innocence
It what made it easier to continue to slang
So I push crystal,brown,grass,pills, anythang
Helping them ruin their lives one fix at a time
Clothes and accessories looking expensive
Karma reprecutions had me acting so apprehensive
As well it should cause you don't do the devils work without a price
One day the pills I sold took a friends life,why? he was so nice
A angel destined to be great and should be a star on ESPN
Got me contemplating all the lives I helped steal away
All the yuengling I help bury now there memory rots and decays
Think they could of been a soldier, dr,scientist, or next president
Instead I got them hooked,now on a crash course to be deaths residents
My slate far from clean,safe to say its completly stained
Soul rotting away just like a etards rotting brain
My body frozen and filled with disdain
God looking down on me with complete shame
We were meant to be kings not gangsters
We were meant to reach for the stars
Instead they're getting stuck in this herse
And people like me only make it worse
Cant keep us away we are too persistent
Doing it for the cash becoming deaths assistant
Written by JWAthepsycho
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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