Fill in the Blanks

Dear _______
Today, I’d like to tell you that my _______ soars even higher despite not having any memory of being with you yesterday. I hope you had a good one; I hope us _______  over the phone is enough, at least for now.    
Well, I have nothing to give you but my _______ which is both smooth and eternal. You cannot touch them but you can feel them on and under your ________. You may post them on your _________ or copy them on paper, and you may even memorize them. My words are your words, so please own them like the pillow in your pillowcase.    
My beloved ________, forgive me that I could only offer you my stories. You may even call them lies, but I would make them beautiful ones. Who needs truth in this world, anyway, when you are all I think of and talk about? You, my dear ________, are both my sweetest lie and greatest truth.    
Please do not believe those movies and soap operas which impose that for love to be “great” it must be measured by time and _______ and tragedies. For though I only met you ________ ago, I know you like I know the taste of water. I know you so well, yet there’s a whole lifetime ahead waiting for us to learn more ________. Won’t you teach me the ways of your people, you pretty ________ from that enchanted land of lovers?    
Love is not ______ without the lovers. And love is not blind--we are. So please do not resist this wonderful blindness. Do not betray your heart, my sweet ________. What is the point of all life, if we would not face unexpected deaths such as falling in love?    
But if I had to cut this tree down before the seed even germinates, then so be it. Please, my gentle _________, always, always keep safe. And take utmost care of your sunshine smile and your perfect nose and your ____________ or your left shoulder which I can't wait to caress.    
Reach for those dreams of yours which endeared you to me even more. You are a part of me and my dreams. Someday, when you have climbed the highest of mountains, look far deep onto the valley. Somewhere I’d be there, a tiny speck in the distance looking up to you with immeasurable happiness. For you.    
My dear ________, I love you like I love the rain pouring on a summer day.      
You are mine, and I’m yours,    
Written by heyycyanides
Published | Edited 5th Sep 2019
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