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Sleeping with the Devil 4

   Athaliah lead the naked and shaking Harradine past the castle’s back gate and toward a tall, but shallow-looking, dark-lit cave, smirking malevolently as she admired the woman’s bouncy ass.

      “I’ve waited fourteen years for a slut to break that damn curse, slut.” Athaliah whispered, using the woman’s hair to pull her closer, the demonic dominatrix’s free hand slapping Harradine’s ass then sliding to her juicy, sensitive pussy.
      “As a sign of gratitude for being such a dirty whore, I will give you one day to do whatever your whore-ish cunt desires to my Lucifer.” The leather-clad wife-of-Satan hissed erotically, playfully tossing the human woman onto a hard, make-shift stone bed.

      “Have fun, slut” Athaliah hissed, her tongue teasing Harradine’s dampening pussy as she did so.

      “You’ve been a very naughty whore, Harradine” a malevolent, yet intoxicating voice spoke from somewhere in the shadows, to the left of the cave entrance. “A very dirty whore indeed, but I fear freeing my wife has left you too exhausted to enjoy the pounding I’m gonna give you.” Lucifer snarled, stepping to the foot of the bed, the sight of his massive, fiery erection stole Harradine’s attention and ignited her lust.

      “Pl-pl-please fuck me, Lucifer, I can take you pounding me, your cock is so huge, please fuck me with it!” Harradine begged, her lust for Lucifer’s raging mass sending her horniness to an animalistic level as she forced herself into a sitting position, her mouth wrapped firmly around the tip of the massive cock. The human woman’s brashness made Lucifer chuckle as he recoiled, freeing his wanting tip from his slave’s mouth.

      “You are a nasty little bitch, maybe I should do something special for you” Lucifer snarled as she shoved Harradine back down and plunging his stone-hard cock deep into his captive’s slit, groaning loudly as Harradine’s swimming pool erupted with juicy appreciation.

      “Uh-uh-uh FUCK yeah uh FUCK” Harradine screamed as she felt her pussy being stretched. “Don’t stop, uh FUCK don’t stop, oh god your cock feels so fuck-UUUHHH” Harradine gasped in sheer orgasm, digging her nails in deep to Lucifer’s back, desperate to find something to hang on to.

      “Don’t you ever say that fucking word ‘god’ again SLUT” Lucifer bellowed, as two large wings protruded out of his back in disgust. “Now you’re gonna pay for it!” He added, as he slid a powerful arm effortlessly under Harradine’s hips, squeezing her entire ass as he began to thrust with an unspeakable velocity that fucked her into submission.

      Wave after wave after breath-taking wave of orgasms flooded Harradine’s consciousness as Lucifer continued his demonic fucking. Finally, what felt like days later, Harradine felt Lucifer’s body stiffen and his raging cock pulse as he cum of countless souls erupted like a demonic volcano into the human woman’s ass, back, and pussy leaving her covered in a sweaty, exhausted, shaking, speechless, leaking puddle of cum-covered mess.          
Written by Poetic_Seduction
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