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The Vampress (Collab with gothicsurrealism)

-Part One-
-In the Snow/My Veiled Venus-

-Enter gothicsurrealism-  
She came veiled into the twilight of my life.  
That soft moonglow my fading heartbeat,  
fraught with dread to stay afloat on a blackening horizon.  
Dreams burned like my Venus used to in sky’s backdrop,  
alike a white-hot ember,  
besieged by the prospect of my last ray of light glimmering.  
The shutters of these eyes heavy,  
pupils a ghostly tinge mirroring the nightfall, lids creaked ajar,  
fighting the blurred sting of a fresh, black awakening.  
Fallen shadowless  
within the glow of my sky-ember,  
its starving luminosity dimmed my eyelids.  
The dull beating of my heart  
had tuned a sense of armistice  
within my being.  
I must’ve laid in the snow for quite some hours!  
For the last thing I recalled  
was the bleedful plunge of the dusking sun.  
Melted and molded  
after a lifetime in the shine of the daystar,  
my body felt airy.  
My hands lost their tension.  
My fingers unlocked from their clench,  
tranquilly erected in air.  
My blood flowed smoother now.  
Sounds of this winter night withdrew its stringed holiday tune.  
Yielding to the serene harmony that was my steamless breath;  
through these parted,  
soundless lips.  
As I lay, shadows of peculiar shapes and origins  
whirled before me within the veil of night,  
as though I wasn’t alone.  
These eyes, too fatigued  
to have made any sense of the pandemonium  
of shadows and silhouettes came to rest.  
-Part Two-  
-The Vampress/Seduction –  
Illumined in fresh candlelight,  
hues of gold, red and black  
bled into the outer corners of my sight,  
giving way to a pair of gleaming cat-eyes.    
-Enter Vampress (Sky_dancer)-  
"There I see him, pure and fresh.  
A sacrificial lamb, innocent and ripe.  
The question is: do I defile him,  
or make him a meal? "  
I remember thinking my eyes  
were just playing tricks with obscurities,  
as I swore, I saw a young woman’s face  
looking at me in the shadowed corner.  
He sees me,  
shall I make  
myself known,  
or shall I take him.  
hushed the cat-eyed silhouette before me.                                                                                    
It had to be a dream I thought,  
my eyes do tell lies!    
He doubts his sight,  
I wonder if he doubts his mind  
and therein I have a way,  
to drink him, or drain.  
As if in some hypnosis,  
my body was stiff  
from uncertain  
My eyes hold secrets.  
Once fixed, my prey is mesmerized.  
With no chance of escape,  
submission is the only option.  
appearing before me,  
a head of fiery red hair,  
brushing my face.  
“Oh, such soft, delicate skin,  
membrane thin,  
blue thread pulsing underneath  
I feel an edge on my teeth.”  
Then a hint of hot breath  
on my neck,  
as my belt chinked  
coming undone.  
Just one deep bite,  
And he would be this beautiful forever…  
I must taste him,  
but where?  
The shackles; her hands,  
slid up my calves, over my knees,  
riding up my inner thighs;  
swiftly parting my legs.  
“In this sweet obsidian shroud,  
I battle with my desires,  
to take, or to give.”    
I must have him.  
She undid her belt, pulled it off  
and buckled her own neck, laying  
the strap in my hand. Her head rose  
as she eclipsed the candles behind her.  
“I give my power  
to you tonight.  
I am yours,  
to follow.”  
Her gleaming cat eyes ogling me,  
strange to say  
clenching the leather strap  
between two protuberant white teeth -  
In ritual  
and rite  
I will guide him,  
or take his breath.  
Oh, that grip upon my thighs;  
could just make out the  
sharpened tips of her nails,  
as they seemed poised to pierce my skin.  
Part 3  
Sweet Ecstasy/Deliverance  
“Slowly I will deliver your rebirth through night,  
feast upon your life-giving flow,  
give you exquisite agony  
and free you from human bonds, but first…”  
In another swift move,  
she grabbed the top of my pants,  
yanked them down to my ankles,  
binding my feet.  
“Whatever struggle you try,  
your body is mine now,  
I will have you.  
All of you!”  
Whatever this was,  
a dream, a drug  
I somehow ingested,  
I was totally dominated.  
“I have the power to captivate and ensnare.  
Like moths to a flame,  
they draw near. Some burn,  
some are made into dark light.”  
Whoever she was,  
whatever hypnotics  
she possessed,  
I was being claimed.  
from lips to cock,  
from mind  
to soul.”  
With her youthful beauty,  
I was enchanted.  
I allowed her full reign  
over my body.  
Such tender flesh,  
with storms  
in his eyes  
I ache for him.  
Her lips plump  
as if engorged    
with blood  
corner to corner.  
The scent of him hits my core,  
a deep musk  
with sweet undertones,  
I need to drink him.”  
Parting her teeth; came out a tongue  
glistening juicy-red,  
slithering out from within,  
over her bottom lip, brushing the top.  
I fear once I start, I won’t stop,  
how can I hold myself back  
from plucking  
such a delicate flower?  
I feel a yearning like nothing else,  
his body trembles,  
with fear and excitement,  
I hear drums thundering in his chest.  
“I’m thirsty…” she whispered,  
as she dropped her eyes down  
to the swelling  
in my boxers.  
“And here it lies,  
gateway to my pleasure.”  
First, I will taste him here,  
drink from his fountain; I’ll make him mine.  
Undamming rushes of ecstasy,  
I raised both my hands to her head  
and she wrapped her lip cushions around my cock.  
The gentle touch of his hands,  
I feel a softness not felt in eons  
but I can feel the sheer power  
gathering an outpour.  
Caressing her scalp,  
I dictated her head down  
again on my cock.  
Warm, wet brushes gliding.  
“Oh, sweet ecstasy!  
He tastes of life!  
He tastes of heaven,  
of Eden!”  
Then a smirk of milky lips.  
Staring from those  
fiery green eyes were  
touches of gleaming lust.  
“A ravenous delight!  
Soon, my beautiful,  
soon you shall have  
I closed my eyes,  
dictated her head  
down yet again.  
“As I take you in, all of you,  
I wait for the moment of bliss.  
It is here you will die  
and rise again!”  
Exposed nude  
in a sweaty chill;  
by the warm, wet brushes.  
sleep my Prince,  
and awaken  
my Lord!”
Written by Sky_dancer (The Cosmic Dragon)
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