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Study of Human Behavior

by SirB September 2015

The female assumes the quadrupedal position on the floor facing the bed.
The male is seated, knees twelve inches apart, back straight, both feet planted squarely on the floor.
The penis is fully erect—(the corpus spongiosum now filled with blood) at 6.25 inches from the flaccid 3.15 inches.
The female protrudes her lingual appendage and strokes the penis from the scrotal attachment point at the base along the ventral side of the shaft (the cord-like urethra clearly visible under the thin epidermis) to the frenulum and ending at the urethral meatus. Each stroke taking between 1.0 and 2.25 seconds.
Each stimulation in the area of the frenulum results in visualization of a slight movement of the penis upward and an increase in the diameter of the corona by approximately 15%.
After 29 strokes, the female straightens her back, tilts the head forward 10 degrees, expands the oral orifice to 80% capacity and moves her head forward allowing introduction of the penis deeply into the oropharynx.
The female inhales deeply and continues the forward movement until the nasal appendage contacts the male’s pubic symphysis. This position is maintained for approximately 0.5 second (R=0.25-1.44 sec.) and the motion is reversed until only the corona remains engulfed by the female’s oropharynx.
This position is maintained for 1 second, and during this time movement is noted in the female’s jaw (most likely lingual movements).
It is noted that the male and female subjects respiratory rates have increased, and are synchronized.
The female makes gentle moans at the end of insertion on each stroke and the male moans rhythmically with gradually increasing volume upon each stroke.
After 38 strokes, the male reaches down with both upper appendages, entangles all ten digits in the female’s hair and visibly guides her movements in a one-second-per-stroke tempo, After forty-two strokes the male groans loudly and holds the female’s face firmly against his pubis.
It is noted that the previously flaccid skin of the scrotum is now tighter-drawing the testes closer to the body and a series of spasms is visible in the perineum and the buttocks.
This persists for approximately ten seconds, at which point the female relaxes back onto her heels and sucking motions are visualized as she swallows the seminal discharge.
The male lies back supine on the bed, the female stands and lies next to the male, the couple embrace and touch their oral labia together.
The lingual appendages of both subjects move gently back and forth and it is observed that both subjects move their upper appendages gently over the skin of the anterior and posterior thorax. Intimate vocalizations are observed, but will not be recorded to honor the privacy of the subjects.
End of human primate mating study case # 8675309
©2008 Launfal

Responses to the above report

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MsE: August 2015
Thank you for the thorough technical summary of the activity in question. I take it you were the third party in the room, white coat, clipboard, and pen? :)

SirB: August 2015
Of course. 100% professional.

MsE: August 2015
What's the starting salary? Is there a vacancy for a researcher into the interaction of couples and groups of females?

SirB: August 2015
Haven't gotten funding for the next study yet. Volunteers always welcome. :-)

AJ: August 2015
This is great; I loved it. A delightful concept. The only small quibble is the word "gently." Doesn't sound clinical enough. You've found scientific terms for everything else; can you find one for that?

SirB: August 2015
Great observation.
I could substitute--low-intensity, slow--anything more objective.

AJ: August 2015
Come to think of it, "moans" could be "low-volume non-articulated vocalizations." ~smile~

SirB: August 2015
Great! We should collaborate. Or I could hire you to edit... (he intoned in a measured low-pitched verbalization)

AJ: August 2015
Have you got more studies available? Something kinky? (His hand descended at the rate of 2.2 meters per second, making contact with her right buttock...)

SirB: August 2015
Depressing 0.3 meters of skin 0.435 cm deep for 0.25 seconds. High pitched vocalization from the subject occurring approximately 1.2 seconds after impact. The experimental area immediately pale, then becoming reddened after 31 seconds.

AJ: August 2015
Perfect! lol This sounds like a must-read. ;-)
The subject's hip region torques 9 cm to the left and then 10.3 cm to the right. (Something about the right hand twisting in the other's grasp...not good at this... Got to go do vanilla things with my sunny holiday, back later!)

SirB: August 2015
After approximately ten minutes the male subject stands and ambulates to the porcelain fixture in the adjoining room, grasps the flaccid penis in the right hand and urinates 400 mL of clear amber urine. He then ambulates to and sits in the chair next to the sleeping platform and vocalizes a two syllable command. The female rises to the upright position and ambulates to a place approximately six inches anterior to and twelve inches right lateral to the male subject's position, stops and lowers the head in the traditional bow of submission. The male vocalize again. The female subject makes no response. The male grasps the subject's right wrist with his right hand. His pale fingers illustrating the force of his grip. He pulls the female subject's wrist toward him forcefully, restraining it against the lumbar region of her lower back. He then entangles the fingers of the left hand in the hair at the occipital region at the back of the female subject's skull and pushing downward, forces the subject into a position prone across the top of his bent legs (in the position known as OTK using the local slang). The female subject visibly struggles, twisting the right wrist and moving the head anteriorly and posteriorly, but the male subject's strength and weight are superior and after approximately thirty seconds she visibly relaxes into the prone position.

AJ: August 2015
Okay, I'm at the edge of my lab stool. What next?

SirB: August 2015
Wanna be my lab assistant?

AJ: August 2015
If I could write in that style I would; unfortunately my talents lie elsewhere. Not as lab subject either! lol
I'm just a breathless audience in horn rims.

SirB: August 2015
Horn rims-sexy... Put a lab coat on you, say "mm hmm" and "I see" a lot and you'll fit right in.

AJ: August 2015
And then I'll pull out one hairpin and my thick wavy locks will cascade down my come the hornrims and the labcoat... etc. ;-)
Cliches aside, this is turning into quite a Masters and Johnson lab we have here. We'll have to look around for funding. Anneke pretends to enjoy writing funding proposals

SirB: August 2015
My attention wanders, I lose focus on the subjects, drop my pen and without thinking stand and unzip...

AJ: August 2015
Whoops, there goes our funding!
AJ goes through the want ads.

SirB: August 2015

AJ: August 2015
_AJ finds a job on a study with a $2 million budget, building on data from my previous lab. And where the boss writes his own damned grant proposals. ;-) _

SirB: August 2015
Launfal hires the male and female subjects, starts a kinky website and retires to Hawaii.
I LOVE a happy ending. :-)

AJ: August 2015
LOL! Me too! :-)

SirB: August 2015
That was fun. Wanna smoke??

AJ: August 2015
Sure. ~cough~
Hey, dark in here. And now on to my next project -- measuring how many sexuality researchers it takes to change a lightbulb.

SirB: August 2015
None. They prefer to work in the dark. (besides the union says they can't)

AJ: August 2015
Don't they need light for their observations? Or are they just going on skin conductance, heart rate, and interesting noises?

SirB: August 2015
The room is dark except for the light of the emergency exit and the glow of electronics. Changing light bulbs is prohibited by the researchers union, but that does not prevent them from maintaining their precious measuring devices.
Monitor probes caress and invade her.
The scientist was cool and distant as he competently applied and inserted tools of the trade; explaining the purpose of each one: EKG pads on the chest(to monitor heart rate and warn about dysrhythmias), pulse oximeter around the right index finger(records blood oxygen levels), rectal probe for core temperature measurement, vaginal tensiometer (to measure rate and strength of contractions), nasogastric tube (to measure gastric acid and enzyme levels), EEG pads on the scalp (had to shave small areas of hair to facilitate better electrical conduction-monitors brainwave activity), foley catheter (to measure urine volume and temperature), intravenous line in left arm (so we can administer emergency medications if needed -"just precautionary-no need for alarm."), and finally wrist and ankle restraints (to prevent accidental movements from dislodging the monitoring equipment).

FyH: September 2015
This really is a riot, I have read it 4 times and still find it funny. Keep waiting for more.

SirB: September 2015
Isn't it impolite to point and laugh...
I have something I'm working on in the same vein. I'll post here when it's complete.

FyH: September 2015
Nope, nope, nope, not laughing at you, laughing in admiration for the wit of the scintillating scientific intellect.
You do know that using proper Scientific Method, your results must be provable over and over again with multiple strategies.

SirB: September 2015
Yes unless you can replicate the results the scientists figure it's just a fluke.
Wonder how much grant money the feds and foundations will cough up for me to prove my hypothesis...

SirB: September 2015
Tillie enters the exam room bound in a canvas straightjacket naked except for the restraints and a pair of pink clog-like rubber shoes. The attendants on either side guide her firmly yet gently each with one hand tightly grasping the waist belt and the other pressed firmly against her upper back.
The contract sounded great. Four days in the clinic as a research subject. Free medical tests, meals, hotel room between study trials, plus $1000 at the end. The researchers and doctors seemed so professional in their slacks and ties and starched white jackets.
Tillie vaguely remembers reading the ten-page study description, but really all she was thinking about was a long weekend away from her bitchy roommate and how she would spend all that cash. $1000! More than she earned in a month as a part time cashier at the local Dollar Store.
“This study is intended to extend our scientific knowledge about the relationship between pleasure and pain”. The brochure gave explanations of neural receptors, sub cellular chemical receptors, pain gates and endorphins.
Tillie didn’t think the clause about “giving up the right of refusal” after beginning the study would apply to her. After all, sex and pain had always been a turn-on for her. $1000! Getting paid for doing something she would do for free on the weekends at the local FetClub. The orgasms Tillie achieved at the Dungeon Club on Saturday nights were legendary. Why would she possibly refuse?
Initially she struggled, but now has resigned herself to the fact that there is no escape.
Over-the-top radio announcers voice:
Seems our heroine has gotten herself in a bit of a pickle.
Will she be able to "Houdini" her way out of that straightjacket?
Will her attendants abuse her or protect her?
And what happened to that handsome research fellow? 
Tune in next week for another enthralling episode of...Researchers in Paradise...

FyH: September 2015
OOO the Perils of Pauline.. What ever will happen!?
So what day next week?

Ay: September 2015
@Launfal; That was unbelievably erotic. I didn't read all the responses but I imagine them to be positive.

SirB: September 2015
Thank you.

criha: September 2015
It is like a scenario and a film like a cold approach and the lived one like a distant eye and a interacting eye all at the same time, and the one who talks, the narrator is not present at all, that is really amazing

SirB: September 2015

SirB: September 2015
The cheap flannel blanket worn to see-thru status does nothing to warm her. The room is a comfortable temperature, the chill comes from within.
Everything seemed like a normal doctors visit until the doctor informed her that he would be doing "a bit more extensive exam" this time, since the routine exam had not uncovered a cause for the constant aching in her lower abdomen.
She expected to pee in a cup and get a prescription, not this. Her back sticks to the plastic on the exam table, the flimsy hospital gown open at the back and a size too small, so she is unable to tie it completely closed. be continued

MsSta: September 2015
oh dear, now we are on trouble...

SirB: September 2015
The odor of disinfectant and alcohol triggers memories of visits to the doctor in earlier times; never pleasant yet somehow stimulating. As she begins to visually explore the windowless room, she wonders what instruments and tools lie in the drawers beneath the counter and in the large upright cabinet in the corner…

SirB: September 2018
I'm restrained in the large upright cabinet in the corner. Mummified in elastic bandages and gagged. Facing the tiny peephole that allows me to see the whole exam room.
The rubenesque redhead, small multicolored hummingbird tattooed on her chest, waits anxiously on the exam table, wearing the standard flimsy paper hospital gown and fluffy white cotton socks. Her mind must be racing after being informed that she needs a "more extensive exam" to diagnose the aching in her belly. She fidgets and looks around the cold room.
I'll never forget the day when I was the one on the exam table...
Written by Kinkpoet
Author's Note
I posted this on a fetish website after reading a biography of Dr Alfred Kinsey. It was fun to write, but what was more fun was the responses and subsequent conversation, which is posted at the end....
I posted this on a fetish website after reading a biography of Dr Alfred Kinsey. It was fun to write, but what was more fun was the responses and subsequent conversation, which is posted at the end. (identities have been changed to protect the decadent).
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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