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the Quickening and the Veil~featuring Carpe_Noctem

This emotion is wasted on this species
don't you think?  
Sift through the ashes  
what will arise from the ember  
whatever demons we may find  
let's set them free  
twisted demon demand their freedom  
entering this dimension teaming semen  
through the gate and into your mind  
reprobate of hatred tear a hole in the veil  
once invisible now you see them  
with a lust for drugs and women  
fuck your thoughts then shred beliefs  
leaving you vile and soiled  
awaken humans stop searching the heavens  
here on Earth, we walk among you  
unchained and unhinged an alien species  
highly evolved with an ancient language  
we eat your fears the finest dining  
impregnate your children they gladly follow  
brainwashed from birth to do our bidding  
televised code enters through the brain stem  
we harvest the host and march unstoppable  
imprison the body we inhabit we jump to another  
I am legion tell me, human, what do you know of me?  
Whilst walking amongst them during the day  
witnessing their hope's, fears, and dreams  
one cannot help but admire their tenacity  
that relentless desire to face each day  
hope that neo the savior will come to save them  
free them from this matrix of sorrowful limbo  
in spite of the evident sorrow harvest  
taking place through the blood sacrifice    
their beauty does not escape unnoticed  
they find the urge to love--  
a strange twist within our mad experiments  
the light burns strong inside them  
even torn to minuscule threads  
the connectivity cannot be denied
look at them so lost and broken  
still, they sing praises to the heavens  
we watch and wait laying odds on their failure  
we will decimate from the inside if not careful  
humans will burn out or evolve to greet us  
this is the time, this is the hour  
mote it it is above as it is below  
the demons have spoken  
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
Author's Note
thank you dearest Carpe for creating a devilish dark piece with me ❤
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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