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Pain Bound Pleasure

She ran away from me hiding in the cracks, in the crevices of the rock
She had fears, yes she had fears, at that time my pain rolled non-stop
Hiding and watching from a safe vantage point, from a place that she could see
Although I didn't see it, there was a change taking place in me

The anger and pain, once trapped deep inside was beginning to seep out
The rage being displayed was destroying us while creating doubt
The quickness with which they went and came kept her off balance
 She began using what love she had left as a counterbalance

But there was a chill rolling off of this boiling heat
The anger and pain were longing for the comforts of deceit
Deceit, being who she was liked to dress up different ways
Drinks late into the night with whomever, pills and powder whenever during the day

My horns were growing only In the mirror I couldn't see them
I saw my companions with fangs and I wanted to get me some
I bit deeper into my past letting the acidic taste of hate seep into mouth
I started remembering the hunger and abuse, and suddenly I felt the fang poking out

With each lash that landed, my scales were planted
At two in the morning, "on your knees," is what I commanded
grabbing her in the harshest of grips, ripping panties and slip
Tongue hanging out of her ass, teeth marks in pussy lips

Tearing at the flesh of both her breast and her back
Her body like our relationship was under a constant attack
I wanted the moans, but feened with a fire for the screams
My mind married pleasure and pain if you know what I mean

The ways that I sucked her clit even knowing that it was already sore and tender
I got high trying to forget but now I fucking remembered
How I slammed into her mound with my balls slapping her ass
Applying ever increasing pressure about her throat until consciousness began to pass

As she would fade in to another reality, she would release the thickest squirt
The creamy manifestation of sex, produced through pain and hurt
But this was more than she asked for, our love was being replaced with torture
Like Icarus she flew a little to close to the sun and my rage scorched her

In the crevices of the rock she started longing for some light with the dark
The safety was always cold when she needed it hot
Little by little, feening for the risk, she began to long for what she once got
She returned to a frigid flame, wanting the pain, and demanding to be taught

Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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