Cat Calls

(in the Twilight Zone)

The construction site was filled with women,
Sweating away in the summer heat,
When suddenly I heard them yelling, 
As I walked down the street. 

“Yummy!” one of them screamed, 
“I bet you were in the navy, 
‘Cause with those arms, 
You can probably carry my babies”. 

I kept walking trying to ignore them, 
But one of them said “hey daddy come over here, 
What you got under there? 
Does the carpet match the beard?” 

I nodded my head surprised, 
What’s with this attitude? 
When another girl on the sidewalk said, 
“Hey, wanna be my side-dude?” 

“Psst, psst” another one exclaimed, 
“Hey boy what’s your name? 
Come here and talk to me, 
Wanna play a little game?” 

I walked briskly and faster, 
But it seemed to be happening all around, 
Men on the street were being cat called, 
Objectified all over town. 

“Yeah that’s nice” another one said, 
“I bet you work out, 
Why don’t you wear some shorts for me, 
I bet you look good, ass up on my couch”. 

Then two other women walked toward me, 
“Look at him he has curve appeal” 
“Smile” the other one said, 
“Ooh honey, is that bulge for real?” 

“You emotionally stable?” a brunette asked, 
“You have a good relationship with your mother?” 
“Come talk to me” her blonde friend said, 
“Do you have a brother?” 

I kept walking intimidated, 
But it was occurring everywhere, 
“Hey papi! Come spend the night with me” a girl yelled, 
“…and tomorrow you’ll need a wheelchair”. 

“Oh. My. God.” one guy said as he walked by, 
“That was so disgusting and rude, 
Just because I don’t want to be treated like that, 
Doesn’t mean I’m a prude.” 

“Don’t get so worked up about it” one woman said, 
“It’s just a compliment, 
So come home with me and I’ll show you a nice time, 
You can relax and vent.” 

“What you working there with?” 
“That one looks nice and ripe” 
As I ran past another construction site, 
“Hey, come and help me lay some pipe!” 

So I then started sprinting, 
“Ooh, yeah shake that” I heard the calls, 
Then a creepy one around a corner said, 
“I’ll motorboat those balls.” 

Finally I made it home, 
And hid under my bed, 
I’ve never felt so violated, 
Their voices and laughter still ring in my head. 
Written by wallyroo92
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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