Unintentional confrontation of a bully #1

So this happened to me a couple years ago and every time I think about this situation I canít help but smile. I want to tell someone about it, but I havenít, Iím afraid that they wont understand or feel as empowered as I did and still do.

So here it goes. This is the history I have with her so you can really understand.

When I was in school kids like to spread rumors about everyone, Iím sure kids still do this but Iím not around to witness it this time. This new girl came to our school she wore big fake eye lashes and bright red lipstick and had already hit puberty so she had some assets we should say that made lots of the other girls quite angry and jealous. We were only in 7th grade at this point, and 90 % of our grade didnít have those big assets. So the already establish popular crowd did what they always do, they invited her into there group and treated her like they were all best friends. Until she wasnít around then they would spread the worst rumors about her. They did this because she got more attention from the other †popular boys then they were getting.
For weeks a rumor about her was going around that she had slept with 3 guys in the parking lot of the school at the same time. I was in the same gym class as the group of popular girls. When class was over I heard them telling other girls about this rumor, saying how nasty and sluty she must be. †When I heard them talking about her and being one of the ones who takes ridicule day after day from them. I knew no one deserve this especially not from those who are your ďfriendsĒ. I told them to ďquit it they donít know what they are talking about sheís your friend, if anything did happen itís between her and whoever else is involved ď † Needless to say they called me a crazy freak who is useless and should go away, yaíknow the usual thing. The new girl was also in our gym class and came out afterwards and Iím sure her so called friends told her how crazy I was ... yeah know covering their asses. Cause for years after she tried to convince people that I was a horrible person and they shouldnít be friends with me, saying how ugly I am whatever she could come up with really even when she changed schools she kept up the crappy behavior.

Letís fast forward to 3 or so years ago when I met her again for the first time in years.
So me and her †coincidentally had a †Mutual friend named Nikki.
She asked a bunch of her girl friends over to help her with her costume for Halloween and here makeup. They were going out to a party at a bar in the city so I guess thatís why it important but it was to her.
I got there before the other girls cause they all came in a group because they all knew each other and I didnít know them Iíve never met them before this.
So Nikki wanted to be a beautiful glitter skulled skeleton. The reference picture she had wanted to be modeled after was so crazy detailed and complex that I told her maybe she should find an easier one to fallow. But in comes my bully and the rest of the hoard of girls who were all very nice as far as I could tell. They all took a look and were confident that they could do it especially my bully because apparently she was in the art department of her collage... so the girls Delegated the work to her. Nikki sat in a chair and my bully stood in front of her I came and sat next to my bully and watched her start the process. At this point Nikki had told everyone that I was also going to help with the makeup and if she needed help ask me thatís why I sat next to her watching. When she noticed me I said hello itís nice to see you again and smiled. The old kill them with kindness.
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