The Real Life

What is this life we now live?
Where mass shootings
almost go unnoticed?
We’ve become
so numb,
we rarely even lose our focus!
Our daily activities,
have become our proclivity,
and our sensitivity
ain’t allowed to interrupt “OUR” serenity!
Is this the real life?
Where we’re all just waiting to die?
Or are we just awaiting a personal tragedy
to befall you and I?
Are we so immune to “the way things are“
that we let death
gloss over our eye?
And the momentary tragedies
we hear about on the news,
have less affect on us than a sty?
Where did this ‘lack of compassion’
we possess,
turn into “Let’s make this
about ourselves”
so we can take our own insecurities
and shame somebody else?
Social media has taken the weak,
and turned them into bully’s!
Granted, it’s helped punish some individuals but it hasn’t corrected
any situations fully.
It seems we want these things to continue
so we can find something new to attack!
We get a high off being vigilantes,
so we stab each other in the back!
We’ve lost all of our direction,
following our treacherous heart,
has become our goal.
We have a glaring LACK OF LOVE
but we can’t figure out why
this world has lost control!
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