The Wall

"Mr. Gorbachev tear this wall down"
Were words heard and celebrated all around
The division of a country was affecting the world
To watch the hatred associated with boundaries was causing human relations to unfurl
We built a great wall of China and refused to learn shit
They invented lots of things and then they forgot all about it
Inter boundary warring also made written history a problem
The world was battling problems and didn't know that they had solved them
But being humans we continue to do what we do
We next built Haidran's wall and went to war crew versus crew
There was little to no respect even for those of the same sect
Even facing death the wall couldn't hold us in check
Whole clans died, whole villages pillaged
But what was left for us to scavenge after the blood spillage
The few that had was never trapped behind the wall
They only claimed to be one of us until they saw things begin to fall
Fast forward to sixty-one, Berlin decides to trap people in
Man refuses to learn from any of his previous sins
Walls have pushed us over the edge of murder and cannibalism
But without conflict humans have decided that they aren't really living
In eighty-nine a movie star begged East Berlin to tear that wall down
There are some who believe that the wall had started affecting the pound
Whatever was said trade was a major factor
All those untapped markets and resources are wall subtractors
But in such a short amount of time, here we are again
Hate has risen it's head and we're refusing to learn from our sins
The talk of a US-Mexico wall is spreading like wildfire
Doused with pure hatred and evil to make the flames leap higher
What's to be done if we accomplish this feat
Will we revert to cannibalism slaughtering each other in the streets
Will we again invent and discover things that will stay on one side or the other
What is it about this barrier that makes humans such dedicated lovers
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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