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I am pain and rage, my body is aglow
My brain is only one hemisphere, my hypothalamus doesn't work anymore
Please don't mistake me for some kind of cute little pet
I've burned oceans dry , while I've pissed deserts wet
With a wave of my hand the sarcophagus lit with an eternal flame
By sheer will of thought the torches did the same
For now in my crypt there exist only the demon I Is Me
There is so much to do and learn of myself and my history
The flame in the sarcophagus is a direct line to the pit
The sounds and smells of hell are escaping through it
The mood is changed to pure unadulterated rage and pain
The rats and roaches attack each other after going insane
Snakes from all over are drawn to such a heated fight
They wait until the rats eat all of the roaches and then eat all the rats in sight
These are now my housekeepers, my soldiers, my only protection
Anyone getting close to my tomb is met by a natural deflection
I read alll the writing on the sarcophagus and wall
I spread my wings while standing in the flames and gave hell a call
Baal gave his number one pupil a crash course on raping a soul
He went over the many pleasures of torturing the flesh until they began to take hold
I could see her ever some clearly with her thumb out walking along side the road
With my wings being so new I wasn't sure that they could handle the load
But like Baal said I needed substance and I needed it with out risk
After coming to my full strength and power, I wouldn't even remember this
I took my time carefully preserving my energy as I stalked her from above
Her flesh was young and filled with the energy that I had learned to love
I watched as she walked off the road onto a trail searching for a place to sleep tonight
Swooping down hard and fast, knocking her out, not enough strength to struggle during the flight
Back in the crypt, she shall be a sacrifice of love
As she came around I looked at her with hell's love
Her clothe had been slowly removed, her body on full display
I feed off of the creamy energy dripping from her pussy
As she climaxed in waves I bit and tore at her breast and nipples
She rolled back her eyes as the pain and pleasure came in ripples
Drawing back my claws so that I could continually tear at he her abdomen and breast
After I have eaten my fill, Baal can have the rest
I flipped her over, licking her asshole, before tearing into her pride
After clawing up her back, I began giving her asshole a ride
In and out, long salvage strokes, with a long pause at the bottom
She couldn't help climaxing as I fucked in and out of her bottom
I turned her over once more, slowly feeding my dick into her pussy
Her bush totally unkempt, super thick and bushy
As my dick cut it's way through this jungle to feed off of it's prize
I leaned in and bit into her jugular as our tempo began to rise
As we tore at each other sexually I drained her of her bleeding essence
She climaxed just as her spirit answered that it was not present  
Some of the sweetmeats shall be mine, with my soldiers enjoying their part
Baal really doesn't care as long as the sarcophagus gets the heart  
Written by I_IS_ME
Published | Edited 14th Jun 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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