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Condensation Prints

Driving along the motorway we pull into a rest stop, its late, no one insight i park at the end of the car park its in complete darkness, i switch off the car as i goto open the door your hand slide up my thigh

I turn and ask what your doing, you simply reply "shhhhh" with a smile on your face

Your hand pull down my zip, you slide your hand in and down my boxers, your hand grasps hold of my cock slowly stroking it, massaging your thumb over my mushroom tip my head tilts back against the head rest as i endure the pleasure you are creating

You pull my cock out through the zips pouch, you lean over unclipping your seat belt, your head nestles between the steeeing wheel and my stomach. Your tongue licks up and down my shaft, your mouth takes my cock deep until im hitting your taste buds then slowly your suck my cock like buoy in thrashing ocean waves

I stop you, i get out and ask you to do the same, i ask you to lay down in the back seat, i get down on my knee's and start to kiss up your legs onto your thighs nestling my head under your skirt, i gently kiss your plump labia through your pants, you gently pant. I kiss and bite your thighs as i remove my head

i use both my thumbs to massage your clit on top of your pants slowly, i part your pants to the side and lightly insert my middle finger slowly as i penetrate your delicate silk walls all the while continuely masssaging your clit with my thumb, your panting grows as i speed up my finger, your arms reach on steadying yourself on the chair, you moan and tell me to keep going

But i stop

Your vagina dripping in your succulent juices my hands reach up and slide your pants down removing them from your body, i slip my head in once more and initiate contact with my tongue, your bud swelling, throbbing, aching for my touch as i lick your pussy engulfing my mouth in your sensational essence, i kiss your clit then start to suck on it your hands reach down holding my head in place as i devour your luscious lips.

I stop

I put the back seats down, you tell me to down on my back, i do as you say. You get in and close the door and climb on top of my positioning your dripping pussy in my face before going down on me, you unbuckle my belt and slide my trousers down to my knee's, your hand strokes my cock then your mouth takes hold, you rub your pussy over my lips, i reach my hand up and firm grip your bum cheeks as my mouth feasts on your aching pussy.

The more intense you suck on my cock the more i try to counter it by licking your voluptuous lips, my cock already primed from before aching building with pressure i grip your firm cheeks as i explode with intensity, driving me to thrash my tongue back and fourh, giving your clit an intense lashing of lick, you lift your head and let out a scream of relief as your thighs tense up followed by an orgasmic squirt over my face your heads falls back down resting on my thighs

I pass your a towel from our go back and we wipe each other down, our hearts racing, my cock pulsating as your clit throbbing for more i open the front passenger seat door and sit down you follow me and sit on my knees inserting my cock deep into your pussy, i slide the chair back as your leans forward steading yourself on the glove compartment and shut the door, you being to bouce up and down my cock sliding in and out of your aching cunt, your back arched your head falls back onto my shoulder so that i can kiss your neck as i plunder your lush lips with my hardened rod

Your moans growing loud, the windows steaming up, as you stop to swivel round our hearts pounding as you we endure this pleasure act of intimacy your breasts bouncing up and down, i gently suck on your nipple as my cock infiltrates your tight pussy engulfed in our sexual aroma i begin to moan, my hands grasp your hips as my cock builds with intensity, your bum slapping off of my thighs as we embrace each other holding for the perfect moment as i release, you orgasm smothers the top of my condom covered cock

You fall into my lap as we get our breaths back and re doing our clothes, how about some coffee and a meal before gettiing back on the road.
Written by Danny11714 (Danny117)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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