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Naked Flame

Set up camp in a lush valley down by the stream, the wind is still and the moon light has lit up the dark sky. Our tent is pitched by an old oak tree, a long thick branch hangs over head

Our sleeping bag is set, around the camp fire we sit, laughing and flirting to our hearts are content. I roll out a blanket so that we can lay under the night sky, the flames flicker releasing embers into the sky, it looks like fire flies and the stars are vast

As we lay side by side, you slide your hand up my thigh, our heads turn and start to kiss slowly our lips connect, subtle pecks. You roll over kneeling on top of me, your face lit up with a smile as your eyes devilishly undress my already half naked body, you place your hands upon my chest digging in your nails, you lift your top off as i sit up your bra pressed firm against my chest.

My arms wrapped around your waist my lips caressing your neck, gently biting you, you begin to pant, my fingers unclip your bra exposing your perky breasts, your nipples already hard. I lower my head, to tease your nipples, my tongue licking around their edge, lightly biting then tugging with my teeth followed by suckling on your nipple, your fingers brush through my hair then grip my head as you feel the passion building betweeen us

I lay back down on the blanket, you follow me down, hair engulfs my head as your lips intertwine with mine, your teeth tug on my bottom lip followed by your tongue sword fighting my tongue

the duel is on

You kiss and bite me passionately underneath the stars, you whisper in my ear to tell me how you want it, i go into my ruck sack, taking out the rope. I toss it up and over the branch, i bind your wrists and winch you up before tightly tying of the rope about a metre away, i take out your scarf and blind fold your eye's

i walk up by your side and whisper "is this how you want it" you slowly nod your head up and down, i unfasten your trousers and remove them from your body. I kiss your lips then blow down your neck kissing you some more, my fingers squezze your boobs, the smile on your face, your tčeth biting your bottom lip tell me that you are enjoying it

My lips continue down your stomach, reaching your pants, light blue with a cute little bow sewn into them. I kiss your labia on top of your underwear, teasing you slowly, i start to kiss and blow on your inner thigh as i work my way back up to your vagina slowly laying kisses on your plump lips, i massage your thighs whilst kissing you softly

Your undies start to drip, i slip them off and begin to kiss you again, i untie the rope from the ground and pull you into the tent, as i unbind your hand you begin to kiss my chest while your hands undo my triuser button, you reach down and grip my crotch, gently squezzing making sure you have my attention

No messing around you slip my boxers off, your hand cups ny sack whilst your tongue licks up my shaft as you place your oher hand firmlybaround my girth drawing back my foreskin exposing the tip, your tongue licks around the rim of my glans, turning me on with each little touch. Your mouth envelopes my glans sucking it ever so softly, using my harden cock like a straw you begin to suction my glans, oh wow feels heavenly

You spin round, placing your vagina directly above my lips, i begin to lick your clit, teasing and tasting you as your sexy little bud swells inbetwečn my lips, i begin to suck on your clit as you are sucking on my cock building intense passion between us

My tongue begins to penetrate your tight carnal walls, your hand is massaging my balls as the other is stroking my shaft while you suck the tip of my cock, your sweet rivine dripping over my lips as my tongue deep dives your tight hole whilst my hand massage your labia at almost the same time we both orgasm

You slip on a condom using your mouth, you hold my cock, positioning it correctly as you slowly slide your pussy down my shaft getting the feel for it, you begin to bounce up and down your bum slapping off of my thighs, my hands toying with your boobs as you pick up momentum.

you pant and moan, i pull you close kissing your lips as i wrap my around your waist to flip you over onto your back, i lift your right leg to ensure i can pentrate your pussy harder i begin to thrust slowly making sure you feel every inch as i penetrate your velvety walls, we both moan and pant as i plunder your beautiful body

You place your hand down stopping me in my tracks, i pull out. You turn around, getting up on your hands and knees pushing your bum up against me, i take a knee and using a hand i part your soft cheeks. As i gently insert my cock its slides right in lubricated by your orgasmic stream, i place my hands on your hips and rock back and fourth finding my pace i go hard and slow then a little faster as i finish off slowly releasing a hot flow of lava into the condom

I take it off and wipe myself clean before placing a new one on, you lay back breathlessly, both of us sweating in sexual bliss. I insert my cock and begin to thrust while i kiss your neck, i slowly thrust in and out as we passionately kiss ever so slowly your nails grinding up and down my back as every thrust hits you on the spot, with one final thrust your hottt cream lushly covers my cock.

I whisper in your ear "lets rinse off in the stream" we walk down to the stream and take a dip. brrrrrrrr its freezing but we get out and lay by the fire taking in the heat while we dry off under the stars.
Written by Danny11714 (Danny117)
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