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solar flare

the arc of elementals you transmit through is archaic
alter the frequency you're transmitting on...
we prefer the low vibrations of the solar system---
they soothe celestial hopes...implanted in you our are dreams
the equivalency of a black hole---
stealing life from surrounding entities is your fears
all life is precious no matter how small or seemingly insignificant  
have you come so far to be so unevolved?
involve yourself saying no harm nature has a course  
in the first revolution of time, I knew you observing you from afar
in all the systems in all the universes you are a less evolved being
we've laid witness to your tantrums in the destruction of suns/stars
you've set a jewel upon your finger in this atmosphere
the whole of the universe the crown that sits upon your father's head
with no knowledge of ancient bloodlines, you crowned yourself---
Omnibenevolent ruler...we are banished from your realm
while experimenting we watched from afar
you charge us with crimes against humanity
we are beautiful creatures with good intentions
in retrospect, we see we've been unfair
with no experience, you were sent here on a mission---
to colonize this system  
you have harvested the crops we imparted to you  
even dominated some of our subversive intelligence  
cultivating the gardens in which our dreams were made manifest
your Goddess awaits you in a system of opposing forces  
the bridal caravan will be leaving soon forever exiting our dimension
and entering your place of habitation
your echoes have been heard...decoded love songs...sent to her heart
we see you have evolved---
involving yourself in the matter of less evolved beings
even though you are not of human origins---
you proved to be the most humane and fit to rule
our species though truly gifted with a great intellect---
have forgotten what we hoped for in you at the beginning  
to be loving...with a gentle touch
sentenced to do eternity out of sight of the peoples
we weep in silence...humanity will never know us
we have only ourselves to blame
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
Author's Note
wild imagination and time on my hands...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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