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She was beautiful and had a dick

She was beautiful and had a dick

The beeping began, suddenly, and without remorse. Jan reached over, slapped the off button on her alarm, and lay for a moment debating the merits of rising out of bed. Deciding that waking up would be more productive, she slid out of bed, stood, and walked to the bathroom to take a leak.

Emptied, she walked to the mirror and surveyed herself. She rubbed her eyes for a moment, which were dry from having slept with her contacts in. Her hair was a mess, knotted and ratty, and the extra weight she had been putting on recently was beginning to show in her breasts.

Damn, she thought, I'll have to go run that off eventually.

She walked over to the shower and flicked the handle to the on position, letting the water heat up first. As she waited, she massaged her neck and shoulders. Knots released in pulses of pleasure as her firm grip eased its way around the muscles.

Once steam was rising above the glass wall, she entered the shower and commenced with a good soaking. She shampooed and conditioned her hair, and soaped her body up. The soap slipped away from her body, running in rivulets all the way down her legs into the drain. Having finished the washing phase of her morning shower, she then reached up and removed her custom shower faucet.

Most people had faucets with five settings, but hers was different. It was fashioned in the shape of a large penis, about eight inches long, and had holes all along the tip where water could spray out of.

She squatted down, put her arms behind her back, and gently inserted the faucet/dildo in her rear. Slowly, her anal cavity began to fill up with water, and she began to moan with pleasure. She reached down and grabbed a hold of one of the rings piercing her nipples and began tugging insistently on it as she reveled in the wondrous feeling of the vibrating faucet.

Her moment was approaching, and she brought her hand to her mouth to spit on it. Reaching down, she grasped the only thing on her body that distinguished her from the perfect woman most men pictured her as.

Roughly she began rhythmically sliding her hand over a thick 8 inch cock. As she sped up, her momentum made her body rock back and forth on her heels, which in turn caused the dildo in her ass to slide in and out. It wasn't long before she exploded all over the shower wall, jet after jet splashing on the tile, thick, ropy strings of cum gliding down to pile on the floor.

With the last jet and moan, she removed the faucet from her rectum, but remained squatting as the water rushed out of her hole. Once she was empty, she stood and replaced the dildo in its holder, then knelt down on hands and knees on the floor. Slowly and meticulously, she began to lick her cum off the ground until the area was spotless.

Satisfied with her cleaning job, she turned the shower off, toweled herself, and walked into the kitchen, still naked. Around her house, she never wore clothes. She made herself some breakfast, watched the news, did laundry, masturbated again, and began cleaning her house.

It was four o'clock in the afternoon before she decided to head out and hit the bar. First however, she would need to jack off. She headed into the bathroom again, cursing her bad luck.

She remembered with perfect clarity the day she had turned eighteen. The doctors had diagnosed her with singularly rare condition. She produced semen, in large amounts, in a stunningly short amount of time. In effect, her spunk production was hyperactive. Her options were either to relieve herself frequently, or have an invasive surgery that would leave her without the ability to produce any at all.

From there, she had learned to accept her "little sessions", as her parents had called them, with mechanical regularity. While all the other boys at school had to hide their porn and masturbation, her parents supplied her magazines and videos, making sure she jacked off on a regular basis.

With all the attention to her cock, it was no giant leap that she had grown curious. It had started with her simply tasting her cum after she had finished servicing herself. This satisfied her for a while, until she began to wonder what it would be like to taste someone else's. In a very small amount of time, she was walking around the house in her mother's lingerie while her parents weren't home.

Next, she had began, interacting with the students at her school. She was a senior, and at the time a very popular kid, so it had been difficult to keep her exploits hidden. She had found the nerds and freaks, asked them to meet her in the showers or at the park late at night. Her parents assumed she had a girlfriend, but it was she who was the girl.

At college, she had devoted more time to sexual experience than collegiate experience, and eventually dropped out. From there, she had joined the porn industry, making low budget movies until she had compiled enough cash to pay for hormone pills and plastic surgery to adjust a few things about herself she did not like.

Then one day she had gotten a telephone call from a major clothing chain. Apparently, some higher-ups had been watching her movies and wanted her to model for their clothes. With joy, she had left her humiliating pornography career behind to take on the world of runways. But on weekends, when she had nothing to do, there was no denying her sexual desires. So she allowed herself certain...indiscretions.

Finished with her ministrations, and shaking her head to clear it of all the nostalgia, she walked into a huge closet adjoining her bedroom. She spent some time looking around until she settled on a low cut black bra, and flimsy, short, very tight beige spaghetti strap top, a plain white miniskirt with a cut up the left side all the way to the top of her hip, white translucent thigh high stockings with lace and filigree on the top, and some white six inch stiletto heels.

She put on her selection, examined herself in the mirror, took off her 38 DD bra, and put the top back on. You could clearly see the outline of the rings piercing her nipples, as well as the nipples themselves. She then slid into a white gaff and tucked her penis back up behind her so that her butt cheeks could hold it out of sight.

Once this was done, she put on some silver rings, never gold, a necklace, and large hooped earrings. She leaned over to slip an anklet around her ankle, then sat down in a chair in front of her mirror.

Carefully, she applied mascara, eye shadow, some bronzer, and light brown lipstick. The effect of all of this made her look beautiful, and with the help of her plastic surgery to accentuate her cheeks, hips, and tits, she looked stunning.

She grabbed a beige hand bag, threw in her wallet and phone, and went to her garage. Jumping in the car, she set the radio to some heavy metal, and backed her Jetta out of the garage. Speeding off down the street, her neighbor watering his yard felt his penis go rigid in his jeans.

She went to her favorite bar, sat down on a stool, crossed her legs, and ordered something strong. Several men came up to her to hit on her, but none of them really appealed to her taste.

Eventually, she went to the dance floor and started dancing around. Guys left their girls to go grind on her, and almost instantly she was surrounded by men moving against her.

She moved back, and started sliding her body up and down the men who were around her. As the heat increased and the bodies packed tighter, she could feel herself getting aroused. By now, it was getting late, and the only people left were the professional drunks, a couple of college kids off in some booths, and those dancing with her on the floor. The dancing men were still packing in tight around her. She could see and feel cocks stretching the fabric of pants all around her

With her arousal growing, she decided to be bold tonight. She reached behind her to the man dancing there, and slid her hand in his pants to grip his member. It was hard and thick, and she squeezed it before giving it a few pumps, then moving on to the next person dancing around her. After she had gone around doing this, she decided it was time to really start having some fun.

She reached up to her straps and slid them over her shoulders so that her top fell down to hang around her waist. Instantly, she felt several hands gripping her tits, pulling the rings, pinching the nipples. She reached out and undid the zipper of the man in front of her, and out sprang an average sized cock. She dropped to her knees, and as the men kept dancing, they all unzipped their pants, freeing a dozen dicks from their prisons.

She leaned forward, and took the rigid cock in her mouth. She sucked the head a couple of times, then reached over to her right and left and commenced hand jobs on two more men. She adjusted her angle of entry, and then all at once she deep-throated the man, let his dick rest in he throat, swallowed, and pulled back out, slowly, spiraling her mouth around his member. The man gasped, and she throated him again, but instead of waiting, she ran her mouth back up to the tip, and started fucking him with her mouth.

She never gagged, simply took it all in, then let it all out. After about a minute of this, she turned to the next offered dick, and began sucking. She continued in fashion, sucking, deep-throttling, tea-bagging, and giving hand jobs for a long time, trying to service as many men as she could. Finally, her group of horny admirers couldn't take it anymore, and one by one, they began blowing their wads. She closed her eyes and smiled as she felt cum splash against her face, tangle in her hair, and land on her clothes. As one man would explode and empty, the next man would too. She gathered as much as she could in her mouth, enjoying the taste of the eclectic elixir. She swirled it in her mouth for a moment before drinking it. Once they had all finished, she slowly stood, dropped her skirt, and ripped off her gaff.

So, she said "Who's going to blow me?"

Her cock was swaying, at full attention, and the men around her stood goggle-eyed, partly in envy, partly in shock, a few in disgust. The moment continued, and Jan began to worry that she had made the wrong decision about this crowd. Finally, one man shrugged, knelt down, and slowly started kissing her head. A few men shook their heads and walked away, but the rest stayed, and slowly, their hands drifted back down to their now hard again dicks.

The man kneeling in front of her was now putting as much of her in him as he could and pumping the rest with his hand.

Jan reached out, and pushed him backward until he was laying on his back, never breaking contact with his mouth. She swiveled on the spot, and began to return the favor with a sixty-nine. She bobbed her head a few times, then came back up.

Hey boys, she said? The back end is open as well. She winked as she said this, and wiggled her ass around. A man moved in behind her, and knelt down, before savagely shoving his cock into her ass. He began sliding in and out immediately. Jan was moaning onto the cock in her mouth, and shaking from the fucking and sucking going on. She came back up again.

This young man is open too, she said, a devilish grin on her face.

Another guy came forward, knelt down, and brutally entered the man lying on the ground. He started, yelped, and squirmed, but Jan held him in place, and it wasn't long before he too was moaning. They continued, coming closer to climaxing every second. The men around her started erupting, aiming again for her, splashing their, cum all over her body. She reveled in the feeling, her own hole being filled while simultaneously being sucked off.

The man fucking her ass exploded, emptying his penis and filling her up much like the faucet had earlier that day. He pulled out, and the, cum dribbled out onto the face of the man sucking on her. The man fucking the guy beneath her came, and his orgasm sent the boy over the edge. He came in Jan's mouth, and she drank it greedily. Once he was dry and clean she bent down and licked the, cum out of his ravaged ass hole.

Feeling her own orgasm approaching, she commanded the boy sucking her Don't swallow any of it, leave it all in your mouth.

She came in gallons, pulling out until just the very tip of her dick was in his mouth. Obediently, he didn't swallow any. She turned around again, and licked the dribbled cum off his face then lay on the ground beside him.

Straddle my stomach, and drip my, cum into my mouth.

He did as he was told, straddling her. He leaned forward until he was on his hands, looked into Jan's eyes. She smiled at him then opened her mouth.

There Jan lay, cum clotting her hair together, dried and dripping from her face, her chest, her back and stomach, her ass, her legs. And here was a man, leaning forward over her, staring into her eyes who opened his mouth slightly, and let a long runnel of cum ooze out of his mouth to flow into hers.

Of all the spunk in the world, she loved hers the most and she gobbled it up, consuming every last drop he poured into her mouth. When he had finished, she pulled him in for a passionate kiss that ended with her sweeping his mouth with her tongue looking for any excess cum. She pulled away.

What's your name sweetie?


Want to come back to my house for a drink? Asked the cum-soaked beauty with the beautiful dick?

By nutbuster
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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