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Person A gets to do That to Person B and Person B gets to do That to Person A, Isn't that Grand?!

I want to put my antibacterial digestive mouth-enzyme
all over the place you pee out of
Is that too much to ask?
I want to press my mouth on your face
won't that be good for you?
It'll be good for me,
but won't it be good for you?
You can do that to me,
won't it be good for you?
You see what's happening here
Person A gets to put their hands and mouth fluid
All over person B and person B
Gets to put their hands and mouth fluid all over
Person A
Yay yay yay for our divinely pressing need
To press our mouths against each other
 Again ' gain 'gain!
slip, taste, fool darn slicky tongue
squint gasp, spring tips eternal branches
nub and reds and bumpy stretch, fuzz hinters
the meat's swallow let me down and pushy wallow
collapsed mountainside impossible-still ceiling speaking
why the night so always forever for our repeating port
and quiet dawn-blue chirping, drape breeze shiver
so always similar so needed so never-enough
never-complete, done but must-be-done-again
quench success, confidence, fade return of drabness forgetful
longing, stress and panicked not perfect, nothing working,
I suck, I must, it's so stupid, so stupidly dumb but correct,
why o why o why, you had something, but after, is lost
Why Form doth needing Constant Recognicience?
Why can't Once be Etern'd Sufficience?
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
Published | Edited 23rd Nov 2022
Author's Note
poetibiologirealorgasminism the spit of it all

*Nov22: Had this in hidden tab, didn't really like drunk(?) edit composed in '19. The phrasings now submitted are close to the originals often giddily rolling about my noggs upon walks through the nonsense and remembrances of it all, that most necessary nonsense that we all are so driven to feel the Full Purpose of Life, perhaps sad for those of life who never get - but something is gotten of Life, perhaps, non?

Then a last attempt of an Erotic w Spiritual.

38 characters left, no 10 now, beers' run out, have to pee.

*Original Posting, Edit May 2019:

Oh Goddess Dammit
How I want to constantly placate
my anti-bacterial digestive mouth-enzyme
all over and around the place
you pass urination from
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