The Enemy

A pyramid, before my eyes
And they have said, that deep inside
A vault of treasures lies

Dangers await in the chambers
Not from traps, but from a hunter
Who is there to guard all treasure
Riches beyond thought and measure

The enemy

Chamber by chamber, but nothing I found
Trapped by a darkness blinding my eyes
For on the walls around

There are mirrors

And on their surface there is me
Just staring, not knowing the way
I wonder, if I dare to stay
Will I find the enemy?

Longer and longer, deeper and deeper
Lost in the confusing paths of the maze
only the mirrors are my loyal companions
But soon I hate their unyielding gaze

Which is just my own
But with each step the mirrors darken my face
Show me pictures of an evil me
Try to lure me into a dark embrace

Days, weeks, months – I lost all perspective
The chambers I see are getting smaller
The mirrors get closer, and so does this shadow
This distorted image with which they taunt me

This is the enemy

No beast, but mirrors transforming
Until light is gone and just darkness is true
All good in your heart is discarded and shattered
As if only all your faults mattered

To the mirrors which try to break you

How I longed to find an exit
But all doors behind me closed
Forcing me in one direction
And still the chambers are getting smaller

I know I’ll soon see the last of them
And then at least it may be over

Weeks have passed and now it’s near
The last lines
All paths have ended
This must be the heart of the maze
Lay me down, surrender
Screaming at the mirrors: I am broken!
Now let me rest…

This is the smallest chamber, the ceiling forms a mirror
Showing me an image of myself so darkened I can barely stand to watch

But then I truly realize what it is I see
an image, dark, but not darkened at all
This image…god I was so wrong!

And now I know my enemy

The tale is true, I found the treasures
And with them the beast who guards this place
I give it my love, I give it my heart
So that it can heal in my longing embrace

Now finally the man within this mirror
Dark as he is, has turned towards the light
I look upon a man that I have never dared to see

And smile
Written by AltairEndian
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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