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November's Heart~with the beautiful Sky_dancer

November rains always remind me of you
a serendipitous encounter while the night cried
two women in a lonely bar at the edge of existence
when you looked at me with interest I was shell shocked
there was no beauty in me to be desired

you held me while the storm raged
as my chest thundered its fear at my unbecoming
the hardened woman you met was coming undone
I was a little girl shivering at your touch

you took your time with me
calculating the risks of reaching into my darkness
fearless you spoke to the dark and ordered it back

my lady loves who smelled of danger
you were in your element within my self inflicted torment
because you knew just where it belonged
under your feet and behind us, you would see to it

I was at the edge of disaster when you found me
you didn't see a hard woman careless of heart
you saw the woman I could be in love's embrace

yes beautiful I witnessed you in all your ache
that first night while the skies wept--
your heart lay shattered and cold
I saw the tears, I saw your pain, I saw your flame.

In your raw, exposed eloquence I knew only softness
A woman with no hardened edges, who can yield--
falling into the refuge of the feminine

your eyes silently cry save me, from my self imposed exile
And upon my wings I took you, to fly with me
On a journey with no destination, in timelessness and bliss

peering into my eyes you broke the spell I was under
I thought I could never love another
pain was my Mistress and I served her well
with a tenderness, I never knew you changed all that

I knew you beautiful...yes from the first moment I lay eyes on you
withIn the soft wetness of tears and touch you came unfurled
In the scent of us, your bloom became an oasis for two
The desert of the past refreshed, no longer arid and barren

It was in your pain I was able to come, touch you, hold you
In your surrender, you could see me, hear me, know me
you taught me to laugh at the pain it couldn't hurt me now
you stalked the nights that frightened me
whispered it will be alright lady, just let me hold you

Your hand in mine, your heart within my heart, your love, and mine.

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
Author's Note
thank you beautiful Sky for creating with me you are so very lovely 💕
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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