Unfixable Irony

Warnings written on paper,
Stolen from the orangutans home,
About deforestation and palm oil.

Portents typed on technology,
Built by the hands of a 9 year old Chinese girl,
Lambasting the exploitation of poverty and child labour.

Giving charity with a loudspeaker,
To those whose governments take everything,
For a badge or a photograph in National Geographic.

Shock waves as young women are stolen,
Outcries and outrage.
As hoards of young boys die in droves echoed in global silence.

Carrier bags replaced by Bags for Life;
No one remembers to reuse.
Thicker plastics take even longer to rot,
And cloth impacts in hidden ways.

Vegans on soapboxes,
Shove ideologues of the cries of some favoured animals,
While the soil dies in short-sighted organic processing,
And insects are not afforded the same mercy,
(they're just not cute enough I guess.)

Who would fight for world peace,
When they make profits by selling arms;
To countries they start wars with?
Creating waves of refugees;
They then refuse to feed.

Banks, floating on nothing,
Backed by zero gold;
Lending money to the poor,
Who spend all their lives in debt;
Slavery exists in many forms.

Schools teaching children how to conform,
Institutionalising them into ignorance,
In their indoctrination; they learn nothing.

Religious institutions,
Touting moral discipline,
Whilst organising paedophile rings,
Atheists on high moral ground,
Reasoning like children.

Save the planet, save the planet!
But no one thinks to save themselves.
The rot outside was only ever a reflection
Of the putrid hearts of humanity.
Written by Sky_dancer (The Cosmic Dragon)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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