As we entered the chamber there was crackling underfoot
Squeaks and scampering, lots of squishing underfoot
We retreated for a flamethrower and we needed more light
We needed to identify what in the fuck was creating our plight

As we reentered the chamber now in a pattern that's uniformed
The secrets of the squeals and squishes were now transformed
The rats were feasting on all the roaches that we had squashed
They were crackling under our feet as if we were walking on glass shards

There in the center of the chamber was the sarcophagus that we sought
Midways the chamber I froze stiff, no matter how hard I fought
As the others advanced farther into the room
I read the script on the walls and the promised doom

"For all those that enter these walls, a painful death shall be fall"
Shit while reading these words, hell I started to remember it all
The rats were scampering back and forth as if carrying messages
The roaches covering the wall spread out so that I could see more of the image

There I was condemned to my death by the high priestess
Sentenced to eternal pain and suffering in Hell's deepest recess
It showed how I was cut, tortured, and hung within an inch of my life
Sealed in that sarcophagus with fire and spells, with a succubus as my wife

With our time in the tomb we would become a beings of one
Mentality is what remains of the human, but I Is Me is the remains of the demon
Only to be opened by the deciphering of the sarcophagus, and the flames of hell
A room awash with human souls all scurrying off to tell

I watched as they tried to pry the lid off of my tomb
The flamethrower steadily spray at the rats and cockroaches trying to make room
For what ever reason I started reading engraving off the sarcophagus aloud
The flamethrower turned towards the sarcophagus and started creating a cloud

The cloud of fire turned into a pillar, swirling straight toward me and where I was stuck
With fire engulfing me, I felt the charge, the lid popped off of the sarcophagus just my luck
I could hear the screams all around, as I Is Me emerged tearing  and chowing down
The remaining roaches and rats came to attention at the dying sounds

Dragging bits off to hell, as the pillar absorbed their energies, and then entered me
I never felt pain on this level as all was reveal and I became another entity
My wings tore from my back and horn ripped through my head, as I became I Is Me
Everyone else is now dead fulfilling that part of prophesy  
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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