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the Richter scale of my soul    
bangs apocalyptic
dopamine overrides †
common sense theologies †
with pure dopeness †
synaptics snap back to pre ancient origins †
from man child to Starchild †
I dust the ashes of the dead †
off my shoulders †
the Eagle's too fly to be grounded †  
in this menstrual cycle of humanity †
bled out of this minstrel show †
staged exit left field †
I planet rocked with Mama Gaia †
struck a chord of truth †  
as she reconnects my umbilical cord †
to the UNI-verse †
first teacher of the third eye †
a resurrection from crown to root †  
all systems go †
all chakras ignited as †  
the nexus between heaven and earth †
it's all movement
no judgment †
transformed....optimally primed †
magnificence magnified †
mind magnetized †
the focal point of all that i imagine †
drawn to a singularity †
a verb verse of my former self †
alpha configuration †
actualized †
i'm off the clock..
time stamped immortal †
time slippin through every day portals †
hidden in plain sight †
my doppelganger poses as my alibi †
as i traverse cozmik ravines †
Silver Surfer style †
hot dipped in melanin †
flowin past purgatorial behaviors †
tombstoned in a swarm of asteroids †
thoughts on philosophical steroids †
put an asterisk next to my existence †
I had the cheat sheet all along †
given to me in my dreams †
by apprentices of infinity †
realizing i was never alone †
from conception to inception †
it was always up to me †  
to make myself the exception †
to the rule of those who seek to rule †
accepting every consequence †
for every dare as †
my heart releases a solar flare †
lettin it be known to the Unknown †
where my truest intentions take up residence †
presenting a life self evident †
as testimony ..reaped and sowed †
hoping i have grown at least a little †
in my latest leap of faith †
Written by Naajir (TimSkee)
Published | Edited 20th May 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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