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Image for the poem Oh Cocoa …..No

Oh Cocoa …..No

Mount Ivy, Estate          
New York, New York            
4:00 AM
Bang bang            
WTF... my voice rang            
Someone was banging on my door            
I looked over at my pewter alarm clock, it’s a quarter after four            
I flipped my silk sheets back            
Slipped into my camisole in a quick flash            
The pounds were getting loud            
If a pen dropped, you could not hear the sound            
Pressing my intercom in            
Can I help you, a new day for me has already begin            
It’s Big Willy, I came here to talk to the fuck whose been screwing my girl            
The tattoo on her thigh is a C, this fuck is fucking up my world            
I took a deep breath and opened the door to a handsome face            
My sexual awareness peaking under grace            
His hypnotic eyes roamed over my camisole of silk and lace            
He angrily barged into my place            
Where is he, his footsteps echoed throughout my brownstone            
Where his naked whore’s cunt is in my bed when he’s not home            
You tell this C person, to leave my woman alone            
Or he faces me where his sin I take it upon myself to atone            
I cleared my thraot, no one else live here but me            
Wait a minute, then that would mean you’re, C            
I am            
Well I be damn            
A cunt            
Therefore, please allow me to be upfront            
Your woman’s tongue inside me is always on a wet hunt            
My silken treasure is her lust, her rapture, my pleasure            
Her soft hands roaming all over me            
Ripping my clothes off once the door close just to get down on her kness            
Against the wall my back rest            
Her fingers sliding up inside my pussy knowing she’s making me wet            
Then taking my leg placing it over her shoulder            
Her yearning, the craving in her tongue for me, tells me I’m her only beholder            
Once she has my panties off, she belongs to me and fulfilling my carnal lust            
You must deal with her and your lack of trust            
For now, she rules my wet slit            
The kisses she places on my lips            
My clit, as she licks            
And when she places her strap on, my pussy becomes her gift            
The feeling she gives while thrusting inside me with her plastic dick            
If you were a man, oo… I’ll            
You would what, my eyes scoping out his virility, since you’re here, you can stay a while            
I caught the hunger in his eyes, right down to his dazzling smile            
Take off your clothes, let me show you what she aches for            
When her tongue is deep inside me and her mouth is pleasing this whore              
Have me moaning, begging for more            
Making me cum all over her tongue            
Then sapping my jucies down her chin as the steam runs            
Mm…he lifts me in his arms hurrying back to my bedroom            
Laying me on the bed, out his clothes in a zoom            
Sweet mercy, muscles everywhere            
The long and hard one extending from his groin hairs            
Get down on your knees            
Show me who’s the best, when it comes to me being pleased            
Lifting under the bend in my kness pulling me to the edge            
Her sweet pussy I love, but his dick I solemnly pledge            
His tongue snaking inside            
Oh, what a feeling behind the wet seek and hide            
Mm.. submitting my pussy to the heightened ecstasy of his carnal licking            
Followed by the desires of two finger sticking            
Oh…oh yes…my back flapping up and down on the silk covers            
I think I found me a new lover            
His mouth coveting my pussy hole            
My palm to his head, uplifting my pelvis with his head movement flow            
Oh…here…on baby here it comes           
Bringing my body to the brink of paradise, its Heavenly kingdom            
Oo, climaxing inside his mouth          
As his fingers drive deeper inside my wet south            
My body on cloud nine            
Can I see you again some time            
Wait, how about your woman, my lover            
Fuck us both like you got a wish by rubbing a four-leaf cover            
So, let’s seal this deal            
I scooted back, I must try this honey, I keep hearing about it, lets see how it really feels            
And the thrills            
Allow me beautiful, I gave him the bottle            
Mm... the warm pour streaming down my curvaceous body            
His tongue lapping up the golden sweet            
The drips kissing my pussy hole, for his tongue to feast
Written by Cocoa
Published | Edited 30th May 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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