The Home in the Bay

Out on the sea,
The place I love to be,
In the middle of a battle,
Or taking a gamble,
That there's treasure in a shipwreck, cove, or island sand.
Ever since I was but a wee lass, building castles in the sand,
And watching the merfolk play,
And the ships boarding and leaving the dock at the bay,
Knowing this was my destiny,
My own prate ship of beauty.
To sail upon the seas,
The most fearsome pirate on the seven seas,
With the most loot,
And the highest body count, to boot!
And whenever I would gaze upon the water,
I could swear that eyes were gazing back from under that water,
That the merfolk children were looking back at me,
As I wondered about them, they wondered about me.
And when the water is clear, and still like a mirror,
I can see you on the surface of the river,
I see your face and remember the day that I dropped anchor,
By the dock,
And first saw you, sitting upon that rock.
Finishing up with a leaving friend, a dialog,
Your long, green tail, just barely dipping,
Into the same water that from sections of your drying hair, was dripping,
And then brushing out your long, thick, straight, silver and white, hair,
Which, as you turned around, was blown out of your face, by the salty sea air.
You caught me staring,
Feeling disconnected,
I couldn't help but smile as my face went hot and red,
I quickly turned away, and began talking, with the merchant,
And tried to push back the thoughts constant,
Of looking behind me,
And seeing who it was behind me.
When I finally turned back around,
I heard a sound,
A splash,
I thought, maybe a fish, beginning to thrash,
I looked down, saw the most gorgeous creature before me,
You cleared your throat, leaving me speechless, you wanted to talk to me!
Your eyes were such a bright, light blue,
Long, thick, dark, eyelashes, and a smile so true,
Rosy cheeks, a pale complexion,
Freckles across the nose and cheeks, and a friendly seeming disposition,
And on top of it all, semi-thick, curly, silver, eyebrows,
And the cutest frame of lines around your mouth, eyes, and brows.
"Sorry to bother you,
But your ship appears to have an issue,
Some of the boards are cracking, and won't withstand another hit,
They are soon to split."
Your voice was sweet, and somewhat deep, but not very,
Moments like this, happen but rarely,
Merfolk rarely wish to speak to humans,
Let alone, older marfolk, who usually keep their distance.
"Thank you, I will go have it repaired at once,"
Was my utterance,
I could hardly speak,
But had to hide how I felt, weak.
For the few weeks of on-land ship repair,
On a beach without compare,
In the salty sea air,
Watching the waves go by,
Under a splendiferous sky,
You came and talked to me every day.
Then one day, I surprised you,
With a new figurehead, carved in the likeliness of you,
And later that night,
Underneath the starlight,
When conversing about the beauty of the sea,
You asked if you could show me,
The glowing bay, in which you live,
As a going away present the night before I had to leave.
You knew bioluminescent sea creatures were my favorite,
In a sea that seemed indefinite.
The plankton there, lit up the cave above the bay,
And I wished I could stay,
And then and there...I told you what I had been trying to say...
Something so true,
That I was in love with you,
You said that you always knew,  
And that you felt the same way too.
The water we were swimming in,
Slightly green, but so clean,
And so brightly lit, that I could see our lower halves as if on land,
The calm waters, the gentle tide against the land,
Swimming in the comfort of Mother Earth's womb,
The place I wish, one day, to return to as my tomb.
I stayed there that night, instead of the inn,
In loving, blissful, perfection,
But sadly, had to leave on the morn,
The sea, invisibly timeworn,
Was calling out to me,
To sail my ship on the salty waves, free.
I had to set sail,
My crew was awaiting, I could not bail,
But I wanted not to leave you,
So I promised to return to you,
And gave you my necklace to remember me by,
And said my farewell, with tears in my eye.
While I was away,
I thought about you everyday,
And every night,
Under the stars so bright,
Looked into the ocean, and saw your face,
I have never tried to replace,
The love of your soul,
And nothing could ever console,
My longing to be home,
And to nevermore roam.
Now nine months later,
With enough treasure to retire forever,
I'm returning to the familiar,
I'm making my voyage home,
Closer to the seafoam,
And to you, my love,
And our aquatic home, in the glowing cove.
With a surprise for you,
A child made of me and you,
From that wonderful night down in the cove,
Of our fates that interwove.
See? Fae has your tail!
Fae's both male and female,
Faer name is Luna,
And faer middle name is Bjorn, after your grandfather.
As the ocean is infinite,
Our love is definite, and infinite,
And our family,
Can live happily.
A house we will build in the cove, on the bay,
And there, with you, I will stay,
On the beach without compare,
In the salty sea air,
Watching the waves go by,
Under a splendiferous sky.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
Published | Edited 8th Mar 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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