The Tale of the Cross

Hi An Cest Or,
Have you heard of the mediator?

  An Cest Or
Of course, unique,
He's the mender of techniques.

Did you realise,
How the newness was finalised?

  An Cest Or
The newness of the archaic:
The cherished antithesis.

Yes you got it right!.
He made it right.
On the cross,
He ended our gross.

  An Cest Or
Have you ever wondered,
In thoughts as a wanderer?
His death and life are wonders.
His ascension glazed with stumper.

Of course!!
He's the mender of disrupts.
 our debt he paid.
And in our stead he laid..

  An Cest Or
The mountains gaily quaked,
Land roar, humane earthquake.
The temple's veil laughed astray,
As his breath to empyrean made way.

In awe,I wonder,
What position the wanderer will be,
For the fulfillment,
of Genesis three, fifteen.

  An Cest Or
What choice does nature toss the wanderer,
If not to give thread to the mender,
Dancing to the tune of the gimmick,
As the messiah gulp the serpent's spleen?

The new life instilled.
Was not worth being fulfilled..
 After being given life,
We still strike strife.
In search for life,
We gave up life.

  An Cest Or
Yes, in quest of life,
We take strife.
Mending strife to life,
And life to strife,
Stupefying the coy,
Corrupting the joy.

We gave death a say,
And the wanderer display
For no blood could pay,
Nor put sin in bay.

  An Cest Or
And then we make innocent death a foe,
When Joy had been the foe.

We made lame the way.
To him the day.
The decision was made.
To take not his say.

  An Cest Or
Thorns we make for way,
While we lead our joy astray.
And lead the mavericks astray,
Burdening their heart with obese luggage.

Indeed death was then the only way.
To cover up our shame.

  An Cest Or
Death being the way to life.
To some, grandeur of eternal strife.

Would it had been possible,
Without the sacrifice of the invisible?
If death had known,
That from his groan,
He will be defeated,
He wouldn't have accepted.

  An Cest Or
But what choice choose his thoughts,
Even if he wouldn't, he would by force.
Now we can boast of the life we've gotten,
From the son who only is begotten.

And a great peace within
For we got the antidote to sin.

  An Cest Or
And a great hope to nurse,
Hope embedded with proves in its purse.

Life lives while life is left
For those who embrace life in death.

  An Cest Or
While those whose wiles worn hard,
Betroths death in life, joy discards.

Now we've got no stress,
For his blood was for no one else
But for we who once transgressed.
For our place he was dressed.

  An Cest Or
But we who wait while working,
Wait to await the dweller of empyrean.
The empyrean shall be abode.
While all iniquity shall be to flame sold..

  An Cest Or
How bout the trained to fail,
The pail of basket made,
In whom the liquid travel in swift,
Only to spill the swift.?

They shall surely wail
For they've got not mail.

  An Cest Or
And their voices trail,
Like a ship on a sail.

They've got no say
Cus they've gone Astray.

  An Cest Or
Their legs being their foes,
Their hearts couldn't say no.

I pray we shall meet,
At his living feet.

  An Cest Or
Where joy is,
And we forever will.

It'll be a day of Joy,
And of sadness to a goy.

  An Cest Or
Before us would sit the sought,
And the sought would do his sort:
A fair guerdon to the fly-by-night,
A walk to a haven with a smile.

And tears shall be wiped far afield.
Death shall have no prey.

  An Cest Or
While we shall be taken to the tree of life,
Where all Judases shall like soot atrophy.

The weeds shall be made known.
An harvest of what's sown.

  An Cest Or
And the grains shall be thrown,
Into the barn abutting his throne.

Surely the life he gave,
Is what we should crave.

  An Cest Or
Holding unto the reason of his birth,
Casting all sins to the life of his death.....

Unique duet An Cest Or

Written by Joshuaberry (Ancestor)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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