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Image for the poem Chiron, loves to sleep... and I stole his breath whilst stealing kisses from his lips like a criminal as he slept !

Chiron, loves to sleep... and I stole his breath whilst stealing kisses from his lips like a criminal as he slept !

His love was the cup from which I drank, and his existence is the vessel which guides me in my dreams, and like a lighthouse, he flashes repeatedly as I temper the storms within my heart as his mind is clouded by misinterpretations.  

How could he not say something, even though it's evident we've been intimate with one another.  

He knows me, by flesh and bone; breath to breath.  

I could've been from his rib, once upon a time as that's the place in which I nestled, repeatedly seeking his heartbeat as we made those journeys to his house, in silence with our fingers clasped, and me nestled into his chest.  

He loves to sleep, and I adored sleeping with him, time & time again.

I remember stealing his breath as we lay forehead to forehead whilst tangled up, and I traced his eyes, lips and the lines upon his face as he slept.  

Wondering, if sweet Chiron would ever hold me in his arms longer than the nights we spent trying to hide our love for one another, from one another, as our eyes oft spoke the truth.  

Why, after all these years do you show yourself to me in my slumber, beckoning me to find you during my waking hours.    

Seeking the divine mystery within the eyes of this divine being, yet I'm unable to see past the potency of my dreams, where he presents himself to me, baring those blue eyes that I once drowned within.  

Unaware, that my sufferance can easily be tempered and healed, whenever he chooses to remove the veil in which he hides behind as he basks in her love as she belongs to him, and he belongs to her. †

His heart is occupied, and my mind is occupied with shielding myself, wrapped in the safety of his arms. †

Fuck, time can do so much when you donít have your finger on the pulse to understand the kind of person they are, isnít who they were, way back then. †

Within the depths of his eyes, I feel the gravitational pull upon my psyche. Mystically, †lyrically, gloriously and glowingly; basking in the essence of his ambient aura as neon signs and fairy lights flicker in my peripheral vision.

Whilst paused in a moment of rapturous stillness, and splendorous light where the beauty of hearts are woven and threaded, and within the notions of infinity, I found my name upon the edge of his lips, from dawn to dusk. †

Seeking temporary relief whilst swaying in the gentle breeze as I interpret the dreams amongst the fallen leaves within his autumnal melodic soul.  

Longing for his touch, whilst trying to caresses his subconscious towards their own private heavenly bliss, as they immerse themselves in an ocean of love and purity. †

Unbreakable ties bound by devotion, emotion set in motion as the silence plumes their desire for an archaic architectural design. †

Until heís cascading all over her pulsating and beautiful swell, like a seamless and motionless wave, stillness filled by every drop of his ocean until she can taste his love by drinking from his being to quench her thirst and hunger. †

And I love you isn't spoken but felt in the tremors of my love for this man. †  

I loved you, it's true, and my only regret is never telling him during one of those many trips we shared to his place as I held his hand, and nestled into him like lovers do. †


Maybe, we'll meet in another lifetime if you're not destined to perch yourself upon my lips ever again, like you did so many times as we explored one another.
Written by shadow_starzzz
Author's Note
Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls because the spirit was said to be carried in one's breath.

Eva Glicksman
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