Why Can This Not Be Real?

I once had a dream, so lurid,
So vivid,
So pleasing,
So sad that I was but only dreaming.
So sad that it could never be,
In three parts this dream came to me:
Part One - The Murder:
Hark, hear the screams and cries of pain!
Smell the iron of blood, and the scorching of flesh to entertain!
See the fright and the pain!
Feel the shock, as knife hits bone!
Taste the saltiness of tears, and then later, the succulence of cooked flesh, a flavor unknown!
Part Two - A Celebratory Dinner:
Crimson and ruby liquid pours forth from the goblet,
Sitting on a tufted seat of the utmost comfort,
Cuts of pain, slow cooked, and seasoned with sadness,
And drizzled with delicious bitterness.
Served with a side of salty asparagus,
On a plate of jaded delph, precious,
Gilded in fine, rage,
Next to a napkin of woven freedom and privilege,
Eaten with a fork teethed in tenacity, belligerence, arrogance, and crassness,
And a knife of vanity, handle, detailed in false niceness.
All set upon a table of audacity,
With a cloth of satisfaction draped over the entirety,
By the fireplace of calm eeriness,
In the hall of blissful happiness.
Music, a calm and pleasant tune,
A homage to the riddance of the poor sap, jejune,
Played on the harp strings of sinew,
From the victim, cuckoo.
In a room painted mauve,
All situated above,
The acrid basement of entertaining horror, eternity,
With the now empty, bloodied, wall chains of finality.
Part Three - The Next Day:
Skipping down the street smiling,
Little do they know the darkness that I'm hiding,
Giggling at the jokes in my head,
Some of them innocent, and some of them about the bloodshed.
My Mary Janes pitter-patter down the sidewalk,
After my life's great epoch,
My moment in the sun, my handiwork,
My moment of truth,
Where I figured out who I was, my eternal oath,
To rid the world of you,
To end once and for all, you.
Poor woman, you used your slutty ugliness,
To mask your banality, and obvious lack of fitness.
Just kidding, I didn't and don't pity you,
I only felt murderous rage at you,
And now a happiness no one will ever know was because of you.
Hats off to you my dear,
Your divine screams were music to my ears,
Your pleas for me to stop,
Teardrop after teardrop,
Made me squeal with joy and laughter,
At your torture and your slaughter.
Dumping your body in a ditch,
Then home, and to the news I switch.
This once, I did renege my pledge to intentionally harm none,
By harming just this one,
It is better for the world,
A world without you, that I thought only fabled.
Crocodile tears at your death, I cried,
This was the only time I lied,
And felt no guilt,
From the actions that thrilled!
And this was the dream I dreamed,
The ennui dreams of the optimistic hearted,
Longing for a better reality,
And just a bit of fun, really.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
Published | Edited 8th Mar 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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