A fools fool love from afar

Love from afar

Who would of thought Meeting you could be one mans downfall
You said hi how are you from the land downunder
I said Gíday how are you I see your a Canadian, I knew little of this country
I did not know it but at that very moment I was unconditionally falling for her

I know stupid eh but itís true I never seen the moment that was building steam
Everything up to that point in my life completely sucked this is 37 years of my life didnít amount to much
Soon as you had to go I started to miss you and I hopped you would be on when I woke up
We spent ever day and night together on the phone on cam on MSN

You showed a kindness that I was not used to even though you lived 10í000 miles away
Your eyes a sea of blue that I was drawn to a mysterious attraction I didnít understand
I started to miss you somehow I could not be falling in love Iím no fool
I never had a father to teach me not to fall so hard itís a place you donít rarely come back from when love turns bad

We got married it was the happiest Iíve ever been in my life
She looked so amazingly beautiful when she walked up the isle
The day was perfect I would not of changed a thing
The love we shared that night still haunts me yes we consummated our vows but it was pure love that we made

Nothing can take this away from me itís memories that make me smile
After 4 months of being married to you all of a sudden you started to be defensive
I did not know my life was going to take a massive slide
No love showed, I could not get a word out of you

What blossomed in to an amazing love story suddenly turned into shit
I left my country to go to a land of ice cold winter blizzards never gave it a second thought
Iíd walk in sub freezing temperatures for you just to get you a coffee and a muffin
Nothing was a chore I did everything for your love we had become so strong

You called me your soulmates even your night in shining armour
I was the shadow a man that would be come your happiness
You became my queen my lover my world my soulmate
You wrote me a poem that still rattles around in my head

I still love you I know how stupid eh I would do it all again just for one more chance
Yes she knows how I feel she seemed to got over the affair so she says
Iíve been told by my head dr that she has a narcissistic personality
How do I believe that when I feel nothing but happiness when you talk to me?

I once wanted revenge on the guy who took my wife away from me
I soon let go of that idea because no matter how much hate I had for him it would not get her back with me
On the night she gave up on us there a massive thunderstorm I stood out in it screaming at God to go to hell

My life suddenly in a instant turned to the whisky bottle anything to numb the pain
I started no to care about life mainly my life as it was filled with so much grief
What was taken for me was my heart and soul all left in the trash bin
I slowly rebuild my life from the ashes of a very messy divorce I still think WTF

When all is said and done this fool is still in love with the most beautiful woman in the world
More than ten years have gone by and I still feel the same
Once we both screamed at the moon from the opposite sides of the globe both did not know the other had done so
You are still a part of my world I canít stop thinking about you.
Written by EpicUtester69 (Just a simple poet)
Author's Note
When you love someone who may or may not still have feelings for you it doesnít stop the way you feel about them,
Yes Iím a fucking fool who is still hurting.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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