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Rockhollow Series: May, come in

Weather: Heavy raincloud, spitting rain only late afternoon, very little breeze, humid.    
Plant of the day: White bells
Animal sighting of the day: Chaffinch

Rockhollow Series: May, come in
I saw a chaffinch today, flit from a hazel, †
above the bed of the stream †
to a fallen branch on the other side - †  
In Britain that's nothing fresh †
but for 'Hollow it is. †  
His red and blue markings were made brighter †
beneath the weighted cloud, the lack of Sun †
and his head was tilted slightly as if more clockwork than live. †
My daughter identified him as 'Robin' †  
for why wouldn't she? Soon after she demanded to see a Seagull. †  
We carried on our way, navigating the reserve beyond dear 'Hollow - †  
our extended sacred place, †
post slide, †  
post bridge, †
post carved crab and steps and swing †
to a space where †
white bells were playing sardines. †  
Beneath a bowing Oak, †
across from a wild Yarrow of some kind playing the same game in their own stolen plot, †  
Fern charged amongst them, †  
the scented filling my nostrils as wild garlic might, though I assure you †
it was not. †  
Tired we wander back to our owned land, unlock the gate - greeting the Solanum and carved wooden man on our way. We check on the tadpoles, the hedgehog, the wormery, †  
admire hostas shooting daggers from earth, †  
alliums proudly standing readying their pop of prolific purple † †
and then  
in comes the rain,  
soft †  
as only humid afternoon rain can be, †
the sky broken and singing praise  
with every beat  
on petal and leaf. †
Fern demands to be dry, †  
it's no longer a pleasure - †
but for 'Hollow it is.
Written by ImperfectedStone (The Gardener)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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