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Falling Walruses

Nothing else gets me as pissed,
As when some politicians argue the scientists,
Saying that global warming is a myth,
So Iím about to spit the shit out of this pith.
First off, fuck you fucking moronic cunts,
(Iím sorry I have to be so blunt)
But you canít deny all the evidence,
When youíre living a life of decadence.
Weíre causing damage to the earth,
Itís the only home we have for what itís worth,
Some of the laws that pass are for pure profit,
So lím about to prophesize like Iím a prophet:
Keep this shit up and polar ice caps will melt,
Then weíll feel a heat like weíve never felt,
The oceans will rise and swallow up coastal cities,
While youíre discussing solutions in committees.
Weíll lose all kinds of species of animals and plants
Letís save the planet and itís our only chance!
Because when coral reefs are bleaching,
And natural habitats disappear,
Iím not just lecturing or preaching
But the end of the world will be near.
Itís hard to see elephants search for water,
I canít bear to see polar bears scrounging,
Or whale and dolphins being slaughtered,
While these fat fucks in the capital are lounging,
Seeing wild life suffer in conditions is callous,
Itís throwing the natural cycle out of balance.
Itís heartbreaking to see nature in distress,
The signs are clear but I want to confess,
Every time I hear an idiot deny this phase,
I want to punch each one of them in the face.
So when you see old trees being felled,
Or walruses falling to their deaths I feel compelled,
We must save our home, there is no other,
We must do something for OUR Mother.
Written by wallyroo92
Author's Note
Inspired by the BBC/Netflix docuseries Our Planet.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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