Kick Rocks

It's not my assignment to fall
After climbing the walls
You should be tied to a pole
If your defining my soul

It's hard to be reading my tone
Better leave it alone
I plant a seed it has grown
There are no weeds at the thrown

If it's a taste test
I hate blessed
Who adgitate stress
Their hateness
Celebrate diss
They can all day kiss

My ass

I ryhme and talk
It's time to walk
To find a hook
I will design a shock
A timer clock
And write a book
That use the mind you took

You overlap
I sober snap
An ogar trap
I want October back
Your all on crack
Ya soda cap

I feel like Poppin you all
There's no stopping the ball
Your rhyming plops in a stall

Because they're all shit
You ball spit
Good call, twit

While my watch ctick
You clock dick
Good call prick
I'll never fall sick
Your a small wig
In just hair
Serving a I call only crawl gig

I breath out Mase yo
Your pace slow
Your a pace'o
I'm what you chase so
Race slow
Through my maze bro

A potato
You belong in dirt deep under the sun
You cant handle the hurricane fueling the the thunder I run

You got a brain stroke
Plain folk
An egg yolk

Cause what I say jolt
Ya stray bolt
It's not ok don't

Think that you can catch me when I summon a rhyme
You feel the bass a thumping when the drumming combine
You've done your prime
And I'll deserve a crum of the lime

If it's a skill test
My drill press
Won't kneel, kiss

My ass might as well blame it on you when I feel stress

I've got the verse than
Your curse gone
With words strong

I've got you turds done
Word fun
An Absurd ⛅ sun

I don't don't endorse you
Your horse poo
And your verse blew
I let my verse spew
Your nerd crew
Try to snort glue

Write a list dad
I'm just glad
That you missed rad
Haters wish you were wrist sad

And you masterbated so I that I wasn't born on the earth

And as far as your woman go
Well they are torn by my girth

I beat you fast ok or slow
I'm plastic yo
With a gymnastics flow
Toe to toe
Will crash your door
And smash your whore
Nah but I'll trash your shore

In your head your sick
Your dead you prick
Your bred to flick
And it's like I've said I'm quick

I assignment flow
You vagina toe
Your cameltosis spineless show

Your a waste of time calling me a loser complacently lying
I'll retrace what your firing
My minds electric space wiring

So we'll I'm pumping out bliss
I stomp your diss
You prompt my piss

My avalanche is swift
I punch your drift
No hunch my gift

Will be awarded in time
You can not sort I define
You have a wart for spine
You might as well deport to crying

Not a single bit is there pity that's felt
My rhyme combined to supply a lassoo with the shitiest well
So use your belt

And hang your self because your fucking literally done
Cause my word a clip and now your hit with the gun

I'm number one
Got summer spun
I'm not a runner shun

By:İMike Stewart
Written by Madintellect
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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