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The Experiment

I entered the room hesitantly eyes taking all in. She stood in the middle wrapped in white her back to me. Her black hair up and seemingly unaware of me. Then she spoke.  
"Close the door." Startled, I did after a moment. She continued. "I know you think I am pretty, but I am not. My flaws are many and they blemish my soul."  She shifted her slight frame and my eyes naturally fell to her hips. "I have always felt such and you will not change my mind."  
I was a bit taken aback.  
"I still think you are even if you don't. I don't know who convinced you so, but I know what I see and that's beauty. Delicate feminine loveliness that any man would revere and woman admire."  
She let out a sigh, of resignation or determination I could not say. Suddenly her arm rose in front of her and started unwrapping herself. My sharp intake of breath not doing justice to my surprise ... and delight.  
First one shoulder then the other, her skin seemed to glow in the lower sunlight now. Her back then her shapely hips and buttocks slowly revealed. She bent to unwrap her legs and still back to me stood straight ahead.  
I couldn't speak. She stood as a statue bathed in beauty and dipped in reverence. My eyes roamed hungrily, I felt the need to lick my lips. Still rooted to the spot in front of the door. She turned.  
Her breasts revealed to be tipped with desire, she tilted her hips and put one leg in front of the other as a model might facing me. Her womanly tri-powered femininity partially hidden form view. She parted her lips and spoke softly and reasonably.  
"See ... nothing special or beautiful about me."  
I may have fallen over with her incongruity of the moment spoken aloud. Was she mocking me? No. Her sincerity felt as well as seen in her sparkling eyes. She was revealing more than her body to me, sincerely and completely. I struggled to find the words to answer her and failed.  
She walked one slow seductive step at a time toward me and I lost my mind at the prospect of contact with this beautiful woman. Her shoulders squared and her hips each rising and falling with the slow motion procession of her beauty walking towards me. I caught her eye and fell lost again when a step away she stopped almost defiant in posture. Time itself slowed to a stop.  
Up close she was even more striking, her eyes looking up at me expectantly, my mind struggling to catch up with my racing heart.  
"Is this the body of a beautiful woman?" She asked ...
I barely stammered a whispered "yes", before she leaned in and kissed me ...  

Fade to lust ...
Written by FeNyX
Author's Note
More Adult Than Extreme
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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